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Chief Rabbi of Israel Tours Cedars-Sinai

Rabbi Shlomo Amar Pays Historic Visit

Rabbi Shlomo Amar, the Sephardic Chief Rabbi of Israel, paid a historic visit to Cedars-Sinai recently, accompanied by his wife and prominent members of the Los Angeles Jewish community as he toured the medical center for the first time. They were welcomed by Rabbi Levi Meier, Cedars-Sinai Jewish Chaplain, and joined by members of the medical staff when they visited the Chapel, where the Chief Rabbi had the opportunity to see the motto of Cedars-Sinai, "And Be a Blessing," (Genesis 12:2) engraved on the Ark.

During his visit, Rabbi Amar met with several hospitalized patients and their families. As he entered each patient room, Rabbi Amar reached up to touch and kiss the Mezuzah on the doorpost.

"After warmly greeting and listening intently to each patient, Rabbi Amar recited a Psalm, along with a personalized blessing, directed specifically toward the needs of that individual," said Rabbi Meier. "The patient's responses were amazing, and one elderly gentleman said that he felt 'newborn.'"

Rabbi Amar also toured the hospital's Kosher Kitchen and visited the Holocaust memorial on the South Plaza and the mural depicting Jewish contributions to medicine in the Harvey S. Morse Auditorium.

Rabbi Amar's visit to Cedars-Sinai was arranged by Rabbi David Toledano of Congregation Magen David of Beverly Hills.

Rabbi Amar (center) tours the hospital with Rabbi David Toledano (far left), who arranged the visit, and Rabbi Meier, Jewish Chaplain at Cedars-Sinai.