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CSMC Enters into Discussions with Epic

Medical Center Enters into Exclusive Discussions with Epic

By William W. Brien, M.D., & John G. Harold, M.D.
Co-Chairs, Physician Advisory Team, Clinical Information System Selection

Thanks in great part to the generous contribution of time, energy and critical input from so many of you over the past seven months, Cedars-Sinai is one major step closer to final selection of a proven clinical information technology system.

We are extremely pleased to announce that the medical center is entering into non-binding exclusive discussions with Epic, with the intent to sign a contract by the end of this year. This is a major milestone in the process to select a system that will support your medical care delivery at Cedars-Sinai in the future.

The decision to enter into discussions with Epic is based on definitive feedback from a broad-based group of more than 150 physicians -- including attendings, faculty and residents -- in concert with over 350 nurses, pharmacists and other clinical staff during hands-on vendor demonstrations in mid-July. Based on the evaluations completed by each of these groups of future system users, there is a clear preference for Epic based on functionality, usability and workflow. Coupled with a comprehensive system analysis and reference checks, Epic ranked as the best option for Cedars-Sinai to provide Computerized Physician Order Entry (CPOE), an Electronic Medication Administration Record, Multidisciplinary Clinical Documentation, Pharmacy and Decision Support. We are very excited about this potential partnership with them.

To get us to this point, the members of the Physician Advisory Team have devoted countless hours representing the interests of our medical staff. Equally important, many of you took time out of your busy schedules to provide invaluable feedback to Advisory Team members or through direct participation in vendor demonstrations. Your level of interest throughout the process has been exceptional, and we are extremely grateful to all of you for your effort and enthusiasm.

Now, the real work begins. Once a contract agreement is reached, implementation planning will begin, and we will need your continued support and participation. As with every medical center that has implemented these types of large systems, the process will be challenging, but your insight and input will continue to be crucial to keeping Cedars-Sinai at the forefront of providing quality medical care. We will continue to keep you well informed as we proceed on the next leg of this journey.