December 7 2007 Issue Medical Staff Pulse is
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Worldwide Shortage of Isotopes Will Impact Nuclear Medicine Studies

 The main Canadian reactor used to produce radiopharmaceuticals used in Nuclear Medicine studies has been shutdown until mid-January. This has resulted in a worldwide reduction, and in some cases elimination, of Nuclear Medicine procedures. Contingency plans are being implemented to minimize the impact on the Cedars-Sinai patient population. Additional information will be forthcoming as we learn of the extent of the critical isotope shortage. 

Medical Staff Secretary and Treasurer Announced

 The Medical Executive Committee approved the recommendations of the nominating committee for the positions of 2008 Medical Staff Secretary and Treasurer. Scott Karlan, M.D., has been named as Secretary, and Keith Klein, M.D., has been named as Treasurer. 


Myfortic Delayed Release Tablets Associated with Fetal Risk (Category D)

Novartis and the FDA have informed healthcare professionals and patients that use of Myfortic Delayed Release Tablets during pregnancy is associated with increased risks of pregnancy loss and congenital malformations. 



Ray Duncan, M.D., and Keith Klein, M.D.,

Are Honored by CSMC Alumni Association

Keith Klein, M.D., (left) with Ray Duncan, M.D.

 The event theme was Information Technology and the honorees were self-described "techno-geeks" as the Cedars-Sinai Alumni Association paid tribute Wednesday night to Ray Duncan, M.D., and Keith Klein, M.D. Both physicians were honored as the 2007 Alumni of the Year at the association's Annual Business Meeting on December 5. 


The Eleanore and Harold Foonberg Endowed Chair in Cardiac Intensive Care is Presented

Bojan Cercek, M.D., Ph.D., (second from right) was named the inaugural holder of The Eleanore and Harold Foonberg Endowed Chair in Cardiac Intensive Care on November 29. Pictured with Dr. Cercek is (l-r) Harold and Eleanore Foonberg, Prediman K. Shah, M.D., director of the Division of Cardiology, and Eduardo Marbán, M.D., director of the Cedars-Sinai Heart Institute.



Printing Patient Results

 When you need to print patient results, use the "Print" icon at the right end of the silver banner across the top of the page. This will generate a special "print-friendly" format with a logo, report title, patient name and medical record number on the page. 


Medical Residents Organize March 9 Fundraiser for HIV/AIDS Clinics in Kenya

 Medical residents in the Department of Medicine are organizing a "Handle With Care" fundraising event on March 9, which will benefit HIV/AIDS clinics in Kenya. The residents are currently seeking additional sponsorships for their silent auction. 


Farewell Reception for Stefan Pulst, M.D.: December 7

Chanukah Celebration: Until December 12

CSMC Emeritus Society Lecture: January 4


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