February 16 2007 Issue Medical Staff Pulse is
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First Responders Join CSMC in February 15 Drill

Community first responders, including the Los Angeles Fire Dept., joined Cedars-Sinai in a disaster drill on February 15.

Training Module to Prevent Retained Foreign Objects

On February 5, the MEC approved Medical Staff Rules & Regulation, Sections 11.3.2, 11.4.1, 11.12.1, and 11.13 -- RFO Training Requirement, which requires all surgeons, neurosurgeons and OB/Gyns performing invasive procedures to complete a brief training module focusing on the prevention of foreign body retention after a procedure.

FDA Announces Changes for the Antibiotic Ketek

The FDA announced revisions this week to the labeling for the antibiotic Ketek (telithromycin). The changes, designed to improve its safe use by patients, include the removal of two of the three previously approved indications -- acute bacterial sinusitis and acute bacterial exacerbations of chronic bronchitis -- from the drug's label.



Physician Advisory Team Expands

By John G. Harold, M.D., & William W. Brien, M.D. Co-Chairs, Physician Advisory Team

During the past month, seven new physician members have joined our Clinical System Selection Physician Advisory Team.

Valentine's Day Event Woos Physicians to Use E-Discharge Medication List

Physicians arriving Wednesday morning in the South Mezzanine parking garage received a special Valentine's Day greeting: free coffee, custom-printed candy with E-Discharge messages -- and a friendly reminder to use the E-Discharge Medication List.

Myles J. Cohen, M.D., has been named director of Hand and Upper Extremity Reconstructive Surgery at Cedars-Sinai Orthopaedic Center. Cohen has been on staff at the medical center since 1975 and a member of the Cedars-Sinai Medical Group since 1995.


Effective February 14

Various applications and websites that are being accessed at Cedars-Sinai can pose some legal liability and/or data security risks to the medical center. Effective February 14, Cedars-Sinai is blocking sites that fall into any of the categories listed in this article.

New Drug Shows Promise in Slowing Prostate Cancer

A new class of targeted anti-cancer drugs that blocks the human epidermal growth factor (HER) receptor family shows promise in prolonging the lives of patients with recurrent prostate cancer, a new Cedars-Sinai study shows.

Benefit Concert for WRCI: Thursday, Feb. 22

CSMC Women's Health Conference: Fri., March 16

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