July 20 2007 Issue Medical Staff Pulse is
a Publication of the Chief of Staff

Cedars-Sinai Completes Fiscal 2007 with High Marks on Meeting Quality Goals

Congratulations to Cedars-Sinai medical staff for demonstrating outstanding performance on each of the 2007 Medical Staff Quality Goals. These goals are designated by the MEC at the beginning of the year (business/academic calendar) and are managed by the Quality Council.

In two of its operating rooms, Cedars-Sinai has placed the most advanced high-definition laparoscopic cameras available. The miniaturized cameras, which are unlike any others in the Los Angeles area, are equipped to transmit images and audio in real time around the world.

Rocephin (ceftriaxone) Warning Issued

Roche and the FDA have informed healthcare professionals of fatal reactions with calcium-ceftriaxone precipitates in the lungs and kidneys in both term and preterm neonates. This occurs when Rocephin (ceftriaxone) is used concomitantly with calcium or calcium-containing solutions.


Medical Center is Ranked in 10 Categories

As one more indicator of the outstanding quality of its patient care and the extraordinary skills and commitment of its medical staff, Cedars-Sinai has been named among the best American hospitals in the latest rankings announced in the July 23 issue of U.S. News & World Report.

Coffee Klatch

Breakfast is Served to Promote Clinical System Vendor Demonstrations

(l-r) David Frisch, M.D., Paul Silka, M.D., William Brien, M.D., Warren Roston, M.D.

Physicians arriving in the South Mezzanine parking area on July 17 were treated to free coffee and pastries as part of a special promotion to encourage medical staff to attend the clinical system vendor demonstrations, held throughout the week. Among those handing out the treats were Chief of Staff Paul Silka, M.D., Vice Chief of Staff William Brien, M.D., and Medical Staff Secretary Keith Klein, M.D.


Advanced Search

Web/VS supports an Advanced Search capability that allows you to search for a patient by medical record number, billing account number, social security number, first and last name, middle name, room, unit, hospital service, patient care team, age, birthdate, or attending/admitting physician.


Following his graduation from Cornell University, where he played football and lacrosse, Marshall Grode, M.D., enjoyed a brief stint as a professional lacrosse player before beginning his medical training.

Michael J. Alexander, M.D., has been appointed as the director of the Neurovascular Center... Stuart B. Dubin, M.D., will retire October 1... Hanlin L. Wang, M.D., has joined as director of Gastrointestinal Pathology...

Lecture on "Hospitalist Medicine:" July 24

Society for the History of Medicine Dinner: July 26

Farewell Reception for John S. Adams, M.D.: August 2


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