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Microsoft Windows Vista Upgrades

Before Upgrading, Check with Web/VS Support Team First

Physicians who are considering upgrading their computer operating systems to Microsoft's Windows Vista may require additional software upgrades to achieve full compatibility with Cedars-Sinai's information systems.

"The Cedars-Sinai EIS department is currently testing Microsoft Vista, and we anticipate that the use of Vista will bring significant benefits to Windows users in the areas of usability, reliability and security," said Ray Duncan, M.D., director of EIS Architecture & Technology. Vista, which was released to consumers in January 2007, is available in several different versions.

"However, many of the most important information systems that CSMC runs are not yet compatible with Microsoft Vista and will require certification or software upgrades from external vendors to achieve this compatibility," Duncan said.

Until a critical mass of compatibility is achieved, CSMC will continue to deploy new machines with Windows XP rather than Vista, said Duncan.

Private attending staff who are considering the purchase of new computers running Microsoft Vista in their homes or offices are encouraged to contact the Web/VS support team at (310) 423-2828 for information regarding Web/VS remote access using Microsoft Vista. Faculty MDs and clinical departments who are considering upgrading their equipment or software to Microsoft Vista are strongly encouraged to contact EIS first.