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The Web/VS Tip of the Week

Digital Certificates

Did you know that you can view Web/VS outside of the Medical Center via a CSHS Digital Certificate? A CSHS Digital Certificate allows you, as a member in good standing of the CSMC attending staff with a valid, active Web/VS account, to obtain remote access to the CSMC Web/VS system from your home or office using an external Internet account (ISP account).

The digital certificate is issued online by a special server, called the CSHS Certificate Authority. The certificate is downloaded and installed in your web browser, after which you can log into Web/VS from an off-campus computer.

Instructions on how to download a certificate can be found in the online Help section from the Web/VS Login page. The instructions include screenshots of each step using multiple browsers (IE vs6, Firefox, Safari & Netscape).

The URL to download a Digital Certificate is https://secure1.csmc.edu/cert.

The Digital Certificate is valid for one year from the date it was downloaded on the browser, once the certificate expires you will need to remove the expired certificate and download a current one.

NOTE: For users with Vista, we are currently not supporting Vista yet for the medical center. A number of the hospital applications are not compatible with IE7 and Vista, including the Microsoft certificate server and the Kodak PACS web server. We are waiting for many different vendors to certify their applications with Vista. As an interim measure you can download the Digital Certificate using the Firefox browser.

For questions, comments or suggestions, please contact the Web/VS Support Team at (310) 423-2828 or via e-mail at groupcdrsupport@cshs.org. You can also click on the "Contact Us" button in Web/VS (located in the blue shaded area on the bottom left side of the screen).