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8th Floor OR Goes Filmless February 11

8th Floor Surgical Suites Go Filmless on February 11

Beginning Monday, Feb. 11, all 8th floor surgical suites will be filmless, with PACS images available via Web/VS.

  • Back-up CDs will be provided in place of film.
  • Laminated instruction cards will be positioned on the wall next to the workstations.
  • A portable OR-compatible workstation is available in the surgeon's lounge for advance viewing of outside CDs, as well as viewing PACS images.
  • Screensavers have been removed and Web/VS log on will stay active up to four hours.

Deployment of Back-up PACS Workstations

OR-compatible workstations are now also available on surgical floors 5, 7, 6 and 3 to view PACS images via Web/VS. These workstations are located in the OR surgeon's lounges, with the exception of the 5th floor, where is it positioned in room 5341.

Coming Phases

Implementation of digital image viewing in all other surgical floors will follow in a timely manner.

If you have any questions/comments, please contact Mischa Harris, assistant manager of Imaging Information and Logistics, at (310) 423-4440.