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New Procedure Center Database

New Database Allows Clinicians to View Procedure Reports in Minutes

Physicians can now access information on patients treated by the Procedure Center in just minutes, thanks to a new electronic database that became operational in January.

After a procedure is documented in the new Procedure Center Database, it generates a PDF report that is viewable in Web/VS within 10 minutes. Web/VS users can call up the Procedure Center Operative Report in the "Clinical Results" section, as well as in the "Reports Section" under "Procedure Center" and "Medical Records."

In addition to documentation of procedures, PICC nurses use the database to document follow-up visits such as dressing changes and line de-clots, and these "encounter reports" will appear in Web/VS. The database also generates "removal reports" for Web/VS users whenever a device is removed, such as a catheter.

"The major benefit of this new database is that clinicians now have faster, easier access to information about their patients' procedures and line care," said Brad Rosen, M.D., who is the architect of the Procedure Center Database and one of the proceduralists in the center. "In addition, we will be able to significantly cut down on the use of paper for many of our Procedure Center activities."

An average of 30 procedures a day are performed by the Procedure Center, and the center follows an average of 100 to 120 patients in-house. For more information about the Procedure Center and its new database, please contact Dr. Rosen at RosenB@cshs.org or Philip Ng, M.D., medical director of the Procedure Center, at Philip.Ng@cshs.org. They can also be reached at (310) 423-1763.