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2 Minutes with...Carolyn Alexander M.D.

2 Minutes with...Carolyn Alexander, M.D.

Carolyn Alexander, M.D., associate director of the residency program for the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, returned home to Los Angeles last year and joined Cedars-Sinai as a Reproductive Endocrinologist after having braved seven winters in Baltimore. Although the traffic is much worse than she remembered, when she has a free hour (especially on a freeway), she loves being able to catch up with old friends from Johns Hopkins Hospital.

Aside from its being in a city that doesn't get two feet of snow every winter, what drew you to Cedars-Sinai?

The spirit of curiosity and the infrastructure for excellent research involving infertility and Polycystic Ovary Syndrome. The ancillary staff is also phenomenal. If you have an idea, people will help you get it accomplished.

Now that you're a teacher, what philosophy have you developed?

I keep an open door policy for the residents and medical students. I want them to know I'm here for them. My personal goal is to make each resident the best they can be. Be agile in the operating room, compassionate at the bedside and always maintain the highest ethical standards as people, and as physicians.

Sometimes I surprise them because I'm kind and friendly, but then I'm strict. Although I never want to be harsh, I think it's really important to maintain the humanity that my teachers instilled in me. We have to train our residents and medical students to grow and become exemplary doctors.

What impresses you most about Cedars-Sinai?

The emphasis on setting the bar high in terms of expectations for yourself as a well-rounded person, and as a physician. There's also a richness to the history here because there have been so many important findings that came from Cedars-Sinai, and there's such a sense of pride in the physicians and staff and nurses -- in the whole hospital. You're so proud to work at Cedars-Sinai. It's such an accomplishment.

You have an interest in poetry. Perhaps you might like to write an original haiku about Cedars-Sinai?

Thought about it a lot -- perhaps you will like this one:

Step into Cedars
Open arms, highest mission
Step out, healthy healed

Now that you're back home, what's the best thing about being in Los Angeles?

Definitely the weather, the beautiful Pacific ocean and there is always something to do or see.

What's the worst thing?

Did I mention the traffic?

Dr. Alexander can be reached at (310) 423-1036.