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Medical Staff Celebrate at the Hollywood Bowl

Medical Staff and Family Members Enjoy Fireworks at Hollywood Bowl

Ahh, the dog days of summer... when the Cedars-Sinai medical staff and their immediate family members gather at the Hollywood Bowl to celebrate the 4th of July holiday and witness some spectacular fireworks.

Pictured left: Dr. James Loftus's son, Jimmy, and daughter, Katie

Pictured above (l-r): Paul Silka, M.D., William Brien, M.D., Norm Schulman, M.D., John C. Law

This year, more than 360 people turned out at the Bowl on July 3 to enjoy food, fireworks and classic baseball music as the Dodgers celebrated their 50th Anniversary in Los Angeles that evening.

Photos by Thomas Neerken

Special thanks go to Marjorie Santore-Besson and Myra Castillo in the President's Office for organizing this annual event on behalf of the medical staff.

Pictured right (l-r): Keith Klein, M.D., with his daughters Rachel and Francine, and their friend, Max

Pictured below right: Sheila Kar, M.D., (third from the left) with her husband, Uttam Sinha, M.D., and their friends, Dale Rice, M.D., and his wife, Anne Rice.