March 7 2008 Issue Medical Staff Pulse is
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Tamper Proof Prescription Pads Must Be Used for Outpatient Medi-Cal

Effective April 1, a new federal regulation requires that tamper-resistant prescription pads be used for all covered outpatient drugs prescribed to Medi-Cal patients (i.e. discharge and outpatient prescriptions).

Previewing Outside CDs Prior to Surgery

All 5th and 8th floor surgical suites are now filmless, with PACS images available via Web/VS. A portable OR-compatible workstation is available in the surgeon's lounge for advance viewing of outside CDs, as well as viewing PACS images.

NSAIDs and Vancomycin

A multidisciplinary task force at Cedars-Sinai recently reviewed the use of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) in combination with vancomycin in post-operative patients.


Imaging Department Announces Upgrades to Critical Results Notification System

By Barry D. Pressman, M.D.
Chair, S. Mark Taper Foundation Imaging Center

Dear Colleagues,

We appreciate your comments about Vocada's VERIPHY, the critical results notification system, and we have been working with the company to respond. As a result, Vocada has made several upgrades to the system that will take effect on Monday, March 10.

Real-Time Imaging Device May Improve Surgery for Congenital Colon Disease

CSMC researchers are developing a spectral imaging system that could result in shorter operating times for infants undergoing surgery for Hirschsprung's disease, according to a mouse study reported in the Journal of Biophotonics. Hirschsprung's is a congenital colon disease that causes severe constipation and can lead to obstruction, massive infection and even death.

Patient Allergies

Patient Allergies are viewable in multiple areas of Web/VS. For a quick view, the "Allergies" are displayed on the Patient Banner (located across the top of the window) in the upper right corner.

For a detailed listing of Allergies, go to the "Patient Profile" located in the "Reports" section. In the Patient Profile, the "Allergies" details include, Substance Description, Severity, Reaction Type and Notes.


Christopher Harris, M.D., has joined Cedars-Sinai as director of Pediatric Pulmonology...

Margo B. Minissian, ACNP, has been appointed 2008 National Chair of the American College of Cardiology Cardiac Care Team Committee...

Cedars-Sinai Historical Conservancy Wants Your Medical Center Memorabilia

The Cedars-Sinai Historical Conservancy is collecting all forms of memorabilia related to the history of our medical center.

"Handle with Care" Fundraising Event: March 9

Henry & Lilian Nesburn Luncheon: March 14

Great Debates Resident Competition: April 3

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