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Important Vocada/Veriphy Upgrades Made

Medical Staff ID # Provides Physicians with Results

Beginning Nov. 1:

  • Cedars-Sinai Medical Staff ID # for Message Retrieval
    • You have the option to use your Cedars-Sinai MD-ID # (Medical Staff ID # that you use to dictate) to retrieve your messages.
    • A minimum of four digits is required. If your ID # is less than four digits, add the appropriate number of zeros in front of your ID # to equal four digits.
    • This MD-ID # can be used in lieu of the message ID that currently comes with each notification.
    • For greater ease, you can program the Veriphy phone number into your phone's speed dial. The Veriphy number is (888) 587-0008.

Upgrades currently in use:

  • Batching Messages - allows you to listen to all open messages with just one call.
    • When calling into the system, enter your four-digit MD-ID #.
    • Once entered, the system will indicate how many messages are outstanding.
    • Messages will be queued by severity, then by the order in which they were sent.
  • Accept/ Decline option
    • When retrieving a message, you will have the option to ACCEPT the message, by pressing 1, or DECLINE the message by pressing 2.
    • If you press 2, you will be asked to give a reason for declining, which might be "Not my patient." Vocada will contact us, and then deliver the message to the correct ordering clinician.
  • Notification Time Frames
    • Red (Critical finding) - a total of five notifications, 10 minutes apart, with back-up when necessary to ensure the message is delivered to you.
    • Orange (Wet Reads, both positive and negative) - three notifications, two hours apart
    • Yellow (Significant Results or Incidental Findings that merit prompt attention, but are not life threatening) - two notifications, one day apart.

Beginning Nov. 1, Vocada will once again fax profile forms to those Cedars-Sinai physicians who still need to enroll.

Diagnosis: Gastro-colic fistula
Injection made through a gastrostomy tube demonstrates a gastro-colic fistula related to malpositioned tube. This is a critical finding that requires prompt attention.