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New Medical Staff Category Announced

'Refer and Follow' added to 'Associate' and 'Attending'

The Medical Executive Committee recently approved a new membership designation to replace the "Courtesy Category," which was eliminated earlier this year.

The "Refer and Follow Category" allows those who don't meet the minimum clinical activity requirements of Associate or Attending members to maintain their medical staff membership at Cedars-Sinai.

The effective date for Courtesy "going away" and people being reappointed to R/F is any reappointment application mailed out after May 19, 2008, these members will have the option to choose to be reappointed to R/F and may no longer be reappointed to the Courtesy category.

Those in the new category are entitled to refer and visit their patients at the medical center and have access to electronic charts through the Web/VS system. They do not have clinical privileges and may not admit patients or write in their charts with the exception of Pediatricians who may perform well-baby visits and Dermatologists and Allergists who may perform consultations upon request.

Those undergoing reappointment who don't qualify as Associate or Attending members may contact the Medical Staff Office to request reclassification as "Refer and Follow."

For more information, please call (310) 423-5154.