October 3 2008 Issue Medical Staff Pulse is
a Publication of the Chief of Staff

'Refer and Follow' Replaces 'Courtesy' Designation

The Medical Executive Committee recently approved a new membership designation to replace the "Courtesy Category," which was eliminated earlier this year.

The "Refer and Follow Category" allows those who don't meet the minimum clinical activity requirements of Associate or Attending members to maintain their medical staff membership at Cedars-Sinai.

CS-Link Update

Medical Staff Oversight Committee Formed

William W. Brien, M.D., and Michael Langberg, M.D., will co-chair the newly created Medical Staff Oversight Committee for CS-Link. The panel was formed to ensure physicians and medical staff have a role in determining content for the new electronic medical record system.

CS Link consists of two separate projects - one for billing and scheduling and one for clinical care. Implementation of the billing system is underway. The first phase of the CS-Link Clinical project will go live in fall 2009.

FDA Investigating Possible Cancer Connection

In this edition, we review changes to prescribing information for Rituxan; an FDA analysis on statin drugs and ALS; new warnings on TNF-blocker drugs; and a possible link between the use of Vytorin and a potentially increased incidence of cancer.


Physician Input Led to Improvements in Patient Rooms and Nurses Stations

Lift Team member Fred Moore and CP Bernadette Atanga move a patient from 6 SE to a remodeled 5 SW.

South Tower units are trading spaces.

During the 10-month renovation of 5 SW, Medical GI called the sixth floor home. As of Sept. 23, the GI patients and staff were back to their old-but-improved digs.

"It is much cleaner looking," said Peiman Berdjis, M.D., about the upgrades. "The setting is much nicer."

2008-09 Vaccine in Ample Supply

The flu vaccine has arrived! Medical staff members who wish to get their flu vaccination can call Employee Health Services at (310) 423-3322 now to schedule an appointment for a free flu shot during weekdays. Walk-ins are also welcome. Employee Health Services is located in the Steven Spielberg Building in Suite 200.

Joint Commission Survey

Reference Guide, Standards Developed

In preparation for any Joint Commission survey, a Quick Reference Guide for Medical Staff has been compiled. To view a PDF version of the guide,
click here. A copy of the Joint Commission Medical Staff Standards is available by clicking here.

Signing Multiple Phone Orders in One Action

Web/VS supports the signature of multiple telephone orders in a single action. Click "read more" for an overview of what to expect prior to signing the Telephone Orders.


No scalpel required for new obesity procedure

Edward Phillips, M.D., and Gregg Kai Nishi, M.D., of the Center for Weight Loss Surgery recently performed the first two non-surgical stomach-reducing procedures in the Western United States.

The transoral gastroplasty (TOGA) procedure - part of the TOGA Pivotal Trial - creates a smaller pouch in the stomach that gives patients a sense of fullness with less food, similar to the results of conventional "open" surgery treatments for obesity. The TOGA procedure differs in that a set of flexible stapling devices are put into the stomach through the mouth - not an incision.

Researchers found erectile dysfunction drugs increased the delivery of cancer-fighting drugs to brain tumors in lab rats.

Yom Kippur Services - Oct. 8 and 9

Advances in Ovarian Cancer Conference - Oct. 16

Annual Meeting of the Medical Staff - Oct. 20


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