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Historical Conservancy to Preserve Cedars-Sinai Legacy
By Leo A. Gordon, M.D.

The storied history of the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center must be preserved in perpetuity before it is too late.

During the time it took you to read the first sentence of this letter, newsletters from the old Cedars of Lebanon hospital were likely discarded. Photographs of the old Mount Sinai Hospital were tossed into a recycle bin. Minutes of planning meetings, records from hospital committees, office memoranda, nursing protocols and other documents were tossed into a trash bin.

Sitting in the libraries and attics of our medical staff and employees is the rich history of Cedars-Sinai Medical Center. That history is a tapestry woven of the small things that represent our daily professional life - the old surgical instrument, the collected papers of a staff member, an old prescription pad, a log book of operations, photographs from hospital events, nursing uniforms and protocol manuals.

Great institutions recognize that progress rests on history. That history must be preserved!

To preserve that rich history, we are establishing a historical conservancy. The heritage of our medical center, so intertwined with the heritage of our diverse communities in this great city, will be a showplace for the historical milestones we have achieved.

The Cedars-Sinai Medical Center Historical Conservancy will reflect the evolution of the medical center from the "The Mount Sinai Home for the Incurables" in 1903 to the world-renowned institution we call home.

The medical progress, the creative and committed individuals, the employees, the benefactors - all of who had a role in the evolution of our medical center will be represented in text, photo, video and interactive formats. Your legacy will be preserved forever utilizing leading-edge technologies for hard-copy and digital archives.

The conservancy will be an attraction for our many visitors, donors, patients and families. It will provide a historical perspective as we face the future.

We ask you please to donate memorabilia for display - this is your legacy that will live forever! If you have any object related to our history or to the practice of a physician who worked at Cedars-Sinai, or to a nurse, or to an administrator, or to any employee who contributed to the growth and activities of the medical center:
Don't throw it out!!

Please contact Dr. Leo Gordon, Historical Conservancy coordinator, at leo.gordon@cshs.org for a review of these materials.