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Acetylcysteine Shortage, Benzocaine Product Risks

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- Update to Fluoroquinolones Boxed Warning

- Shortage of Acetylcysteine 10% 100mg/ml Solution for Nebulization

- Benzocaine Topical Products: Risk of Methemoglobinemia

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Women and Ischemic Heart Disease Symposium
April 29

Annual Basketball Game
May 15

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New Paradigms in Vehicular Placement

Bloom M.D., Leo & Bialystock M.D., Nathan

The recent growth of our medical staff has led to a fascinating display of different parking techniques in the physician parking areas. While these varied techniques represent the rich diversity of our medical center, some of the medical staff have been unable to master or to appreciate them.

To address this problem the research department, in conjunction with the simulation laboratory, has designed a one-day, hands-on seminar of simulated physicians' parking lot training.

Utilizing state-of-the-art real-time video models, participants will utilize triple-chip, high-definition recreations of common parking problems in the physicians' lot.

Graded by difficulty, the parking simulations will sharpen the physician's skill for this most crucial aspect of daily life at our medical center.

After achieving the objectives of this seminar, the Cedars-Sinai physician will be qualified to:

    1. Negotiate the physicians' parking lot without injuring colleagues
    2. Safely park in close proximity to expensive motorcars
    3. Master the "back-in" technique without ruining the cars referred to in objective No. 2
    4. Master the three-point parking technique first described by Herbert Schillman, M.D., at the Cedars of Lebanon Hospital in 1958 (The Schillman slide)
    5. Avoid RFK's - retained foreign car keys
    6. Refine and utilize a gender-neutral approach to group observational parking activities
    7. Understand the effects of the “honk-beam-honk” sequence on the brainstem of the aging medical staff member
    8. Employ the Dorfman Deforming Dent (The D3) by learning to generate maximum focused impact on another vehicle by an opened driver's side door. The Dorfman Dent honors Dr. Edith Dorfman, the first woman to achieve attending level status at the Mount Sinai Home for the Incurables in 1926. By virtue of this event, she became the first woman to utilize a designated physician parking area for a motorized vehicle.
    9. Differentiate between the purchased auto, the leased auto and the owned free-and-clear auto
    10. Identify annoying bumper stickers that disrupt the compliance-mandated political neutrality of the medical center
    11. Master the “bumper-tap” technique of offline parking
    12. Understand the directional component and intent of large unidirectional painted floor arrows
    13. Perform the Samuelson Reverse-Forward-Reverse-Forward-Reverse- Forward Swing Maneuver. First utilized in 1964, this classic parking maneuver is named after Mitchell Samuelson, M.D., a noted Mount Sinai psychiatrist who wrote extensively on obsessive-compulsive disorders.
    14. Master the art of High Holy Day physician parking
    15. Recognize the etiology and standard of care treatment of 90048 gridlock by identifying the main causes of parking pass displacement
    16. Master tipping techniques for parking lot attendants
    17. Identify the holders of bogus handicapped signs
    18. Identify classic oil leak floor stain patterns with clinical correlation to make and model
    19. Master the Auerbach Angle (angular occupation of three spaces with one car) first employed by Melvin Auerbach, M.D., at the Mount Sinai Hospital in 1967).
    20. Master the arts of encasement and fixation of a colleague's vehicle
    21. Master the most recent halogen light-blinding techniques

If the seminar participant passes the post-test, a special challenge awaits – a simulation of The Borenstein Blockade – the successful simultaneous blockage of four vehicles by one locked vehicle.

Named after Phillip Borenstein, M.D., the first physician to park at the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in 1976, the Borenstein Blockade has been recreated as a 3-D interactive computer model for the final presentation at the seminar.

Physicians who successfully complete the seminar post-test will receive a complimentary copy of Bagels and Locks – The Definitive Guide to Parking at the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center.

Early registration is encouraged. Lunch will be provided by the Automobile Club. This seminar is generously supported by Sunset Auto Body.

Sunset Auto Body has no financial disclosures to make or conflict of interest to report.

Parking is unavailable.