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P&T Decisions Posted

Pharmacy Focus

Learn about P&T decisions and pertinent agenda topics by clicking on the PDF below.

P&T Decisions June 2011 (PDF)

Meetings and Events

Grand Rounds

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August CME Newsletter

Cedars-Sinai's office of Continuing Medical Education has released its August CME newsletter highlighting upcoming conferences and other educational opportunities.

CME Newsletter - August 2011 (PDF)

Changing Clinical System Passwords

Next month, physicians will have the opportunity to change their Cedars-Sinai computer account password so that it will not expire. The same username/password will work for Web/VS, CS-Link™ and CSMC email accounts.

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Imaging Written Orders Required as of Aug. 15

In an effort to promote patient safety, the S. Mark Taper Foundation Imaging Center will require written orders, with clinical indications, on all imaging studies beginning Aug. 15. This assures that your patient will receive the correct study.

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Forgot to Gel In, Gel Out?

Steps Taken to Encourage MD Hand Hygiene Compliance

For the past two years, the Medical Executive Committee has approved numerous interventions to increase MD hand hygiene compliance, including the distribution of reminder cards to physicians who are observed entering and/or exiting patient rooms without cleaning their hands. While MD hand hygiene has improved since then, an estimated one out of five physicians is still not in compliance.

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A Big Step for the AHSP Plaza Walkway

Steel Beams Provide Framework for Bridge between Pavilion and Medical Center

Four monster steel beams – weighing nearly 100 tons and each more than 100-feet long – made their way onto campus before daybreak on Saturday.

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Notes from the Aug. 1 MEC Meeting

'Morning After' Report

At its Aug. 1 meeting, the Medical Executive Committee discussed CS-Link™ and medical staff elections among other topics.

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Pandya to Serve as Interim Chair for Psychiatry

Anand Pandya, MD, was named to the role of interim chair for the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Neurosciences on Monday, Aug. 1. He will serve in this position until a permanent chair for the department is appointed.

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Vice Deans for Academic Affairs and Research Named

New vice dean and associate dean positions are being established to complement the leadership of Cedars-Sinai's academic enterprise, including academic affairs, research, faculty development and education. Bruce Gewertz, MD, and Leon Fine, MD, are the first appointments to these new positions. Gewertz was named vice dean of Academic Affairs and Fine will serve as vice dean of Research and Research Graduate Education.

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Weiner Appointed Senior Rabbi, Manager of Spiritual Care

Rabbi Jason Weiner has been appointed Cedars-Sinai’s first Senior Rabbi and Manager of Spiritual Care, effective Aug. 2.

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