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Physician News

Keith Black, M.D., was honored by the Cedars-Sinai Alumni Association, and John Harold, M.D., was named president-elect of the American College of Cardiology.

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Meetings and Events

Pharmacy Focus

Carisoprodol to Become Schedule IV Drug on Jan. 11, 2012

Due to the potential for abuse of carisoprodol, the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) made the decision to designate carisoprodol (SOMA) as a Schedule IV controlled substance.

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Upcoming CME Conferences

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CME Newsletter - December 2011 (PDF)

Grand Rounds

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MEC "Morning After" Report

Highlights of the Medical Executive Committee meeting on Dec. 5 include important announcements regarding medical staff re-credentialing and CS-Link™ training for physicians.

New Re-credentialing Process:

The Medical Staff Services Department has adopted a new workflow process for re-credentialing.

  • All courtesy reminders regarding reappointment will be sent via email only.
  • Your reappointment application will be sent by mail until mid-2012; however, you will not receive any additional paper notices regarding the processing of your application.
  • To maintain Medical Staff membership and privileges, you must have an active California State License, DEA Registration and NP/PA certification (if applicable). We will send courtesy reminders thirty (30) days and two (2) days before one of these expires. Be forewarned that your membership and privileges will be automatically suspended at 5p.m. on the day prior to the expiration date.

CS-Link™ Update: 

1. Physicians can sign up for training now. As promised, all members of the Medical Staff who complete 8 hours of mandated training will receive:

  • $1,000 honorarium*
  • 8 hours of CME credit* (*prorated for those who have less training mandated)

2. There is a new website to provide CS-Link updates. It’s called CS-Link Central and it’s accessible inside and outside the Cedars-Sinai firewall at www.cslinkcentral.org.

3. There will be a series of ‘Sneak Peaks’ to expose physicians to new workflows in CS-Link.

  • Most are one-hour sessions with food.
  • Each session will highlight specific areas where CS-Link will impact your inpatient practice.
  • You are invited to attend at any time (before or after training).

4. Updates will be sent out regularly via CS-Link News.

Revised Proctoring Protocol - The MEC approved a revised Proctoring Protocol. This clarifies our current policies and makes one small change to broaden the pool of available proctors. Several MEC members asked to have the entire proctoring process revamped. This is being planned for mid-2012.

Proctoring Protocol Version 4 (PDF)

Closure of Department of Psychiatry - There was a long discussion about the recent decision to restructure psychiatry services. Over the next few months, Cedars-Sinai will be eliminating inpatient and outpatient services for patients with a primary psychiatric diagnosis. Cedars-Sinai President and CEO Tom Priselac reassured the MEC that the hospital plans to maintain (and strengthen if necessary) the psychiatry services provided (1.) to patients in the Emergency Room, (2.) to inpatients hospitalized for non-psychiatric primary diagnoses (via our Psychiatric Consultation and Liaison service), and (3.) to support outpatient programs that have an essential psychiatric component (Transplantation is one example).

Secretary and Treasurer for 2012: The MEC elected the following physicians for the offices of Secretary & Treasurer for 2012:

  • David Kulber, M.D. - Secretary

  • Christopher Ng, M.D. - Treasurer

Allied Health Professional Rules & Regulations - The MEC approved revisions to the following sections of the AHP Rules and Regulations.

  • Article Articles I, II, III, IV, V, VI, VII, and IX

    • Changing wording of "Clinical Privileges/Scope of Service" to Clinical privileges

    • Changing PPD to TST

    • Changing "Renewal of Privileges" to Reappointment

    • Removing student categories

Revised Medically Inappropriate Policy - The MEC approved the revised Medically Inappropriate Policy submitted from the Bioethics Committee.

New Members of the Medical Staff: 

  • Jonathan P. Jacobs, M.D. - General Internal Medicine

  • Mamo Nakamura M.D. - Cardiology

  • Constance J. Ornelas, D.P.M. - Podiatric Surgery

  • Helen Phan, M.D. - Pediatrics

  • Henrietta Stancz-Szeder, M.D. - OB/Gyn