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P&T Decisions Posted

Pharmacy Focus

Learn about P&T decisions and pertinent agenda topics by clicking on the PDF below. Highlights include: pulmonary recommendations on the use of Xopenex® (levoalbuterol) and bronchodilator orders, updated 2011 Adult and Pediatric Antibiotic Empiric Treatment Recommendations, and revisions to the STATIN automatic substitution table.

P&T Decisions (PDF)

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Preparing for "Carmageddon"

Cedars-Sinai Makes Contingency Plans for Upcoming 405 Freeway Closure

As you have undoubtedly heard through the media, "Carmageddon" will be Friday, July 15 - Monday, July 18 with the closure of I-405 from the I-10 to the 101. The freeway is scheduled to close Friday night at 10 p.m. (with on-ramp closures starting at 7 p.m.) and reopen on Monday morning at 6 a.m.

The medical center is making contingency plans so that essential services continue to operate in a safe, appropriately staffed manner:

  • Departmental leaders have reorganized their weekend staffing in order to schedule staff that will be less impacted by the highway closure.
  • In addition, we are scheduling overtime and bringing on additional staff in those areas where staffing shortages may occur.
  • Materials Management has made arrangements to ensure we have sufficient inventory on hand to continue to provide services.
  • We will open the Incident Command Center during the weekend period to facilitate communication and decision-making.
    • If necessary, we will open Harvey Morse Auditorium as sleeping quarters for those who are unable to travel home or find other accommodations between shifts that weekend.  

Physicians are reminded to arrange for coverage during this weekend, if necessary, and to allow extra time to arrive at the medical center on Monday, July 18, in the event that traffic is still congested.