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4 South Closure for HEPA Filter Project

As previously communicated, we are closing 4 South in July for approximately two weeks so that we can upgrade the HVAC system and enhance the environmental controls in 4SW. We will do everything possible to minimize any disruption to patient care during this planned renovation.

Beginning Friday, June 24, we will stop admitting patients to 4S and 5SW, and we will begin transitioning 16 current 4 South East and West patients to 5SW.

On Friday, July 1, we will transition BMT patients to available 5SW beds. Patients who are receiving chemotherapy will be moved to available beds on 3SW. A total of eight (8) beds will be dedicated to chemo/onco patients who are usually admitted to 4 South. All scheduled transplant patients will be admitted to 5SW.

On Saturday, July 2, 4 South will close for renovation as we clean all of the air ducts and install new HEPA filters in all 4South patient rooms. All remaining 4 South patients will be placed throughout the Med-Surg units as appropriate. Nursing staff will be re-assigned to alternate Med-Surg units. BMT and chemotherapy certified nurses will provide care for BMT and chemotherapy patients on 5SW and 3SW.

We will re-open 4 South on Monday, July 18. At that time, we will transition existing BMT and chemotherapy patients on 5SW and 3 South patients back to 4 South.

If you have any questions regarding your patients or this renovation, please contact Peachy Hain at 310-423-6747 or via e-mail at peachy.hain@cshs.org

Thank you in advance for your cooperation and assistance.


Linda Burnes Bolton, Dr.PH, R.N., FAAN
Vice President and Chief Nursing Officer 

Dr. Glenn Braunstein, M.D.
Chair, Department of Medicine