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Multivitamin and Multi-Trace Metals Injection Shortage Resolved

Pharmacy Focus

Please note that the Pharmacy Department has been able to secure a sufficient amount of both Infuvite Adult Injectable MVIs (this formulation contains small amounts of Vitamin K-150mcg/10ml) and Adult Multi-Trace Metals (MTE-4). Therefore, these shortages are considered to be resolved at this time.  

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How Do White Blood Cells Detect Invaders to Destroy?

Research Corner

Scientists are one step closer to understanding how our bodies fight disease thanks to a discovery made at Cedars-Sinai. Researchers here found how a receptor on the surface of white blood cells can tell when invading fungi pose an immediate infectious threat. The discovery provides insight into how the body's immune system saves energy by not wasting its "ammo" on invaders that aren't as serious.

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IRB Announces Analyst Designations by Division

The Office of Research Compliance and Quality Improvement has changed its process for distributing the workload among the IRB analysts.

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Meetings and Events

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Cedars-Sinai E-mail System Change

EIS is upgrading e-mail system servers to Exchange Server 2010 as part of an ongoing effort to provide Cedars-Sinai staff with improved and reliable e-mail services.

What is changing?
On June 1, as the first step of transitioning to Exchange 2010, the look and feel of the Outlook Web Access (OWA) log-on page will change.

Why are we doing this?
We are taking steps to ensure that you have a seamless OWA and mobile device experience once your mailbox has been moved to Exchange 2010. As part of this seamless experience, the log-on page has to be moved to Exchange 2010.

What does it mean for you?
The only thing that is changing is the look and feel of the OWA log-on page. The look and feel of the inbox, folders, messages, etc. will remain exactly as it is today.

I can no longer receive e-mail on my phone, what do I do?
Every effort has been made to ensure a smooth event with minimal disruption. However, as an added precaution there will be support staff stationed at North and South Mezzanine Parking Lot lobbies, and Plaza Level near the bridge leading to the Medical Office Towers during the day on Friday, June 3, and Saturday, June 4, to assist you. You can still obtain assistance after hours by e-mailing the HelpdeskEIS@cshs.org or calling (310) 423-6428. Only phones using ActiveSync (Cedars-Sinai issued iPhones/iPads) have any potential for being affected by this change event. Blackberrys will not be impacted.

Is my mailbox being moved to Exchange 2010?
No, this change of the OWA log-on page is a separate step, and your mailbox is not being moved to Exchange 2010 at this time. As your individual mailbox is scheduled to be moved to Exchange 2010, we will reach out to you individually with additional information. For now, the only thing that is changing is the look and feel of OWA log-on page.

What will the log-on page look like?
The before and after comparison of the log-on page is below:



What if I have additional questions?
If you have any additional questions, please e-mail the HelpdeskEIS@cshs.org or call (310) 423-6428.