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Multivitamin and Multi-Trace Metals Injection Shortage Resolved

Pharmacy Focus

Please note that the Pharmacy Department has been able to secure a sufficient amount of both Infuvite Adult Injectable MVIs (this formulation contains small amounts of Vitamin K-150mcg/10ml) and Adult Multi-Trace Metals (MTE-4). Therefore, these shortages are considered to be resolved at this time.  

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How Do White Blood Cells Detect Invaders to Destroy?

Research Corner

Scientists are one step closer to understanding how our bodies fight disease thanks to a discovery made at Cedars-Sinai. Researchers here found how a receptor on the surface of white blood cells can tell when invading fungi pose an immediate infectious threat. The discovery provides insight into how the body's immune system saves energy by not wasting its "ammo" on invaders that aren't as serious.

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IRB Announces Analyst Designations by Division

The Office of Research Compliance and Quality Improvement has changed its process for distributing the workload among the IRB analysts.

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Meetings and Events

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Leadership Development Class Graduates

Congratulations to the Class of 2010-11 on their recent graduation from the Medical Staff Leadership Development Program. The program, co-chaired by William Brien, M.D., and Gil Melmed, M.D., is a 10-month course designed to provide potential medical staff leaders an overview of healthcare management concepts and practices.

The course is structured, interactive and engaging, providing participants with the tools and experience necessary to become an effective medical staff leader. Participants were nominated by department chairs and members of the Medical Executive Committee.

The group participated in an off-site weekend retreat on "Leadership: Bridging Priorities and Interests to Achieve Common Goals." Members of executive management and medical staff leaders addressed the group on topics including team building and leadership skills.

Other reports included an update on Cedars-Sinai Medicine, centers of excellence, quality improvement, MD-RN Collaborative efforts, medical-legal issues and medical staff credentialing. As a culminating activity, participants completed a performance improvement project applying practical tools learned.

First row (L-R): Glenn Tan, M.D., Nancy Goldman, M.D., Shahram Sepehri, M.D., Taizoon Yusufali, M.D., Jonathon Solnik, M.D., and Gene Liu, M.D. Second row (L-R): Philip Bretsky, M.D., Leo Treyzon, M.D., Ilan Kedan, M.D., Eve Newhart, M.D., Gil Melmed, M.D., program co-chair, Andrew Li, M.D., Shervin Rabizadeh, M.D., and Heather Jones, M.D.

Not pictured: William Brien, M.D., program co-chair, Frank Acosta, M.D., Christopher Chang, M.D., Lee Coleman, M.D., Deepti Dhall, M.D., Jae Lee, M.D., Monica Lee, M.D., Amin Mirhadi, M.D., Rajeev Rao, M.D., Nirupa Reddy, M.D., Jessica Schneider, M.D., Anna Solt, M.D., Harmik Soukiasian, M.D., Susan Stone, M.D., and Michael Tahery, M.D.