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Multivitamin and Multi-Trace Metals Injection Shortage Resolved

Pharmacy Focus

Please note that the Pharmacy Department has been able to secure a sufficient amount of both Infuvite Adult Injectable MVIs (this formulation contains small amounts of Vitamin K-150mcg/10ml) and Adult Multi-Trace Metals (MTE-4). Therefore, these shortages are considered to be resolved at this time.  

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How Do White Blood Cells Detect Invaders to Destroy?

Research Corner

Scientists are one step closer to understanding how our bodies fight disease thanks to a discovery made at Cedars-Sinai. Researchers here found how a receptor on the surface of white blood cells can tell when invading fungi pose an immediate infectious threat. The discovery provides insight into how the body's immune system saves energy by not wasting its "ammo" on invaders that aren't as serious.

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IRB Announces Analyst Designations by Division

The Office of Research Compliance and Quality Improvement has changed its process for distributing the workload among the IRB analysts.

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Meetings and Events

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Unit Changes, Renovations and Closures

The first of multiple unit changes, renovations and temporary closures were initiated earlier this month and will continue over the next 90 days.

The 4 Saperstein North 12-bed unit closed on Friday, May 13. That unit reopened on Monday, May 23, and the Cardiac Intensive Care Unit relocated from 6 Saperstein to 4 Saperstein North.

Transition meetings are being held or in the planning stage for the following changes:

  • The Cardiac Surgical Intensive Care Unit expanded effective May 23 to both sides of CSICU to provide accommodation for our increased heart transplant, ventricular assist device, lung transplant and cardiac surgery volume.
  • Admissions to 4 Saperstein South will cease effective June 10. We will relocate the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit currently on the 6th floor Pro Tower north to 4 Saperstein South on June 20.
  • Admissions to 4 Southeast and 4 Southwest will cease effective June 24. The two units will undergo revisions to accommodate the increased volume of patients requiring negative pressure rooms including stem cell and bone marrow transplant patients. We anticipate reopening the unit on July 15, 2011.
  • To accommodate the volume of neurology and neurosurgery intensive care, we will continue to use six beds on 8 Saperstein North as needed.
  • The labor and delivery unit renovation will begin in late June. To accommodate the ongoing obstetrical volume during the Labor and Delivery Unit renovations, and the renovations occurring on 3rd floor postpartum, we will limit 3SE medical admissions to eight beds. The eight beds will be appended to 3SW allowing the unit to care for 40 patients. The expanded obstetrical bed capacity on 3SE from 12 to 20 enables us to meet our patient needs during renovation.
  • It is our intent to open the Central Cardiac Monitoring Center in July 2011. The center will house equipment and personnel to monitor all telemetry and step-down patients across the organization in one area including cardiac, medical and surgical units.

If you have questions or require additional information, please do not hesitate to contact Linda Burnes Bolton's office.

Phone and fax numbers for the units will be as follows:

On Monday, May 23, when the CICU moved from 6 Saperstein to 4 North Saperstein, that unit began using the existing phone numbers for 4N SCCT:

  • Phone: ext. 3-4638
  • Fax: ext. 3-4005

On Monday, June 20, when the PICU moves to 4 South Saperstein, that unit will be utilizing the existing phone numbers for 4S SCCT:

  • Phone: ext. 3-4060
  • Fax: ext. 3-4952