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P and T Approvals, FDA Warnings About Alglucosidase Alfa, Methoxy Polyethylene Glycol-Epoetin Beta

Pharmacy Focus

See highlights of the Oct. 7 meeting of the Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee. Also, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has issued warnings about alglucosidase alfa and methoxy polyethylene glycol-epoetin beta.

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A Very Successful Joint Commission Survey

From Mark R. Gavens, Senior Vice President, Clinical Care Services, and Chief Operating Officer
Linda Burnes Bolton, DrPH, RN, FAAN, Vice President, Nursing, and Chief Nursing Officer

Once again, you have demonstrated your passion, teamwork and commitment to our patients and community during last week's successful Joint Commission (TJC) survey.

Six surveyors from TJC spent five full days conducting a comprehensive review of the delivery of patient care and related critical services within the medical center. The survey team was composed of two physicians, two nurses, a life safety engineer and an ambulatory care specialist. They audited our compliance with the several thousand TJC standards, conducted 30 patient "tracers" and 70 medical record reviews, visited more than 75 operating areas and held discussions with hundreds of our staff and patients.

While we will not receive a final accreditation decision for several months, based on comments by the surveyors at the closing conference as well as the preliminary written report, we can share that it was a very successful survey. The surveyors consistently remarked on the exemplary performance of the organization, the exceptional programs in place to care for complex patients and, most importantly, the high level of engagement and pride demonstrated by the staff.

We will be reviewing recommendations made by TJC and the surveyors in the weeks ahead. Some may require further discussions with TJC before a final report is issued, while others will likely require our submitting additional information. A complete summary of the final findings will be provided at your upcoming staff meetings.

Accreditation is but one of the many processes we have in place at Cedars-Sinai that provide insight into our daily operations and systems, and help validate our continuous improvement efforts. Thank you for your efforts that every day deliver outstanding care to our patients and communities.