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Recognition for Khoynezhad, Klein, Singer, Whiteman

Physician News

- Ali Khoynezhad, MD, PhD

- Andrew S. Klein MD, MBA

- Matthew Singer, MD

- Paula Whiteman, MD

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Meetings and Events

Grand Rounds

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Upcoming CME Conferences

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CME Newsletter - June 2014 (PDF)

Understanding the Changes Affecting Your Practice

All members of the medical staff are invited to attend the second in a series of free educational lectures on population health on Tuesday, June 24, from 5 to 7 p.m. in Harvey Morse Auditorium. Dinner is included.

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CS-Link Tip: Keep Note Text Open With NoteWriter

The CS-Link™ upgrade has been live for two weeks. You now have the option to keep your note text open in a sidebar while using the NoteWriter.

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Spurrier Wins Debate by Downplaying Benefits of Robotics

The explosive growth of robotics was at the heart of the 11th annual Dr. Leon Morgenstern Great Debates in Clinical Medicine Resident Competition. Ryan Spurrier, MD, defeated Heidi Reich, MD, with his argument that savvy marketing rather than medical data is driving the field's rapid expansion.

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New PhDs Urged to Build 'World of Hope'

Newly minted PhDs from the Cedars-Sinai Graduate Program in Biomedical Science and Translational Medicine were exhorted to take risks, defy dogma and relentlessly pursue excellence at a festive commencement on June 12 attended by top institutional leaders, donors, faculty, family and friends.

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Fireworks, Sand 'N' Snore Are on the Horizon

Summer has a couple of treats in store for medical staff members and their families: the Independence Day celebration at the Hollywood Bowl on July 3, and the Sand 'N' Snore sleepover on Sept. 5.

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On Founders Day, Cedars-Sinai Looks to Its Past

A capacity crowd filled Harvey Morse Auditorium on June 6 for the inaugural celebration of Cedars-Sinai Founders Day, an occasion that was by turns solemn, joyous and funny. The event marked both the anniversary of Cedars-Sinai's opening in its current location and the debut of a Historical Conservancy exhibit about the medical center's past.

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2014 Rubenstein Prize Goes to Cheng and Kai

This year's recipients of the Paul Rubenstein, MD, Prize for Excellence in Resident Research went straight from the heart. Both Richard Cheng, MD, and Brandon Kai, MD, focused on cardiac transplants, with the goal of improving patient outcomes, in their winning abstract presentations at the annual awards event.

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Circle of Friends Honorees for May

The Circle of Friends program honored 203 people in May. Circle of Friends allows grateful patients to make a donation in honor of the physicians, nurses, caregivers and others who have made a difference during their time at Cedars-Sinai.

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Study Identifies Protein That Guards Against Arrhythmia

Researchers at the Cedars-Sinai Heart Institute have identified a heart-specific form of a protein, BIN1, responsible for sculpting tiny folds in pockets that are present on the surface of heart muscle cells. The study provides the first direct evidence of a previously theoretical "fuzzy space" or "slow diffusion zone" that protects against irregular heartbeats.

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Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee Approvals

Pharmacy Focus

See highlights from the April 1 meeting of the Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee.

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