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ED, Discharged Patients to Get My CS-Link Access

Dear Colleagues,

Cedars-Sinai is continuing its efforts to meet and prepare for the meaningful use requirements across the health system and provide more patient-centered care. As part of our efforts to reach these goals, Cedars-Sinai Health System will be extending My CS-Link™ access to patients who visit the Emergency Department or are discharged from the hospital starting on Saturday, June 7, 2014.

The impact of this is that patients who are discharged from the inpatient or ED setting will be given a My CS-Link enrollment letter that will allow them to access parts of their medical information through My CS-Link. These My CS-Link enrollment instructions will automatically print as part of the after visit summary (AVS) for all patients who are not already a registered My CS-Link user. Patients who establish a My CS-Link account will have access to portions of their medical information pertaining to their inpatient or ED admission. A summary of the information available in My CS-Link is outlined below.

  • Patients who are discharged will have access to information from their admission, including:
    • Inpatient and ED AVS — the same AVS information that is currently printed and handed to the patient at the time of discharge.
    • Health summary information (e.g., active problem list, active medication list, allergies, immunizations, etc.).
  • In addition to any results from laboratory tests ordered in the ambulatory setting, patients will also have access to their inpatient laboratory test results through My CS-Link. Results from laboratory tests ordered in the inpatient and ED setting will be automatically released to a patient's My CS-Link account 24 hours after the patient is discharged. The automatic release of inpatient and ED test results will apply to the same laboratory tests as it does in the ambulatory setting. This means that auto-release will not apply to certain sensitive laboratory results or those for which electronic release is regulated by statute: HIV antibody test, presence of antigens indicating a hepatitis infection, drug abuse or pathology revealing a malignancy.

Benefits for the patient include immediate access to clinical data to facilitate care after discharge and remote access to health summary information. As with any change, this represents a new paradigm in sharing information with patients, but it is an important step in providing safer, patient-centered care. We thank you in advance for your support of this initiative.

For further information, please visit CSLinkCentral.org. If you have any specific questions, please reach out to Shaun Miller, MD, (310-423-8759, shaun.miller@cshs.org) or Lisa Masson, MD, (310-779-1651, lisa.masson@cshs.org).

Richard V. Riggs, MD, Chief Medical Information Officer
Christopher S. Ng, MD, Chief of Staff