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CS-Link Tip: a Big Weekend

System Will Shut Down June 7 From 1-5 a.m.

The weekend of June 7 will have three significant CS-Link™ events: CS-Link will be upgraded, the Alaris Pump integration with CS-Link will go live, and Anesthesia will begin using the CS-Link anesthesia module for the Laboring Epidural workflow.

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ED, Discharged Patients to Get My CS-Link Access

Cedars-Sinai is continuing its efforts to meet and prepare for the meaningful use requirements across the health system and provide more patient-centered care. As part of our efforts to reach these goals, Cedars-Sinai Health System will be extending My CS-Link™ access to patients who visit the Emergency Department or are discharged from the hospital starting on Saturday, June 7, 2014.

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Cal MediConnect and Changes for the Dual Eligible

Insurance plan changes are happening for seniors and people with disabilities who are dually eligible for both Medicare and Medi-Cal. This patient population is often referred to as "dual eligible" or "medi-medi."

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Morgenstern Debaters to Tackle Robotics

Event Opens Cedars-Sinai's First Founders Day

Robotics in medicine is the subject of this year's Dr. Leon Morgenstern Great Debates in Clinical Medicine Resident Competition. Kicking off the first Cedars-Sinai Founders Day, the debate will convene for its 11th year on Friday, June 6, at 8 a.m. in Harvey Morse Auditorium.

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Update on Shortages of Nitroglycerin Inj, Metronidazole Inj

Cedars-Sinai is experiencing an ongoing shortage of nitroglycerin inj. The shortage of commercial, premade nitroglycerin 50 mg/250 mL infusion bottles has resolved. Premade nitroglycerin 50 mg/250 mL infusion bottles will be restocked in 4 North Saperstein and 6 Saperstein at standard par levels. Also, because of an ongoing shortage of metronidazole inj, an automatic substitution has been implemented.

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Shattering the Taboo Against Discussing Death

Southern California Healthcare Providers Come Together at Cedars-Sinai to Launch Joint Effort to Improve End-of-Life Care

If there is such a thing as a "good death," it's more likely to happen in the Los Angeles region in the near future, now that nearly a dozen major healthcare providers have joined forces to promote more compassionate end-of-life care. This was the consensus among healthcare and religious leaders who spoke during a conference at Cedars-Sinai on May 22.

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Taking the Hurt out of Healing

Inpatient Pain Service Helps MDs Ease their Patients' Pain

Because patients experience and deal with pain in their own individual ways, physicians may find that what works for one patient is not effective for another. Enter the Inpatient Pain Service, a pain management program at Cedars-Sinai that focuses not only on acute perioperative pain management, but also on chronic pain and cancer pain among inpatients.

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Drugs Show Progress Against Fatal Lung Disease

Researchers in separate clinical trials found two drugs slow the progression of idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis, a fatal lung disease with no effective treatment or cure, and for which there is currently no therapy approved by the federal Food and Drug Administration.

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Fireworks, Sand 'N' Snore Are on the Horizon

Summer has a couple of treats in store for medical staff members and their families: the Independence Day celebration at the Hollywood Bowl on July 3, and the Sand 'N' Snore sleepover on Sept. 5.

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CSF Leak Surgery Gets Woman Back on Her Feet

Unable to stand or sit upright without an excruciating headache, a New Mexico woman came to Cedars-Sinai, where Wouter Schievink, MD, surgically repaired a tear in the lining around her spinal cord.

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