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Recognition for Danoff, Murrell and Noah

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Dudley Danoff, MD, discussed his new book before a large crowd at the Medical Library, Zuri A. Murrell, MD, spoke to a church congregation about colorectal cancer, and Mark S. Noah, MD, will become the local governor of the American College of Physicians.

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Cytogenetics Lab Wins Key State Approval

The Cedars-Sinai Cytogenetics Laboratory recently became the first in California to gain approval for administering chromosomal microarray testing to women participating in the state's long-running Prenatal Screening Program.

Chromosomal microarray (CMA) testing is a DNA-based method of genetic analysis that can catch abnormalities overlooked by traditional cytogenetic testing. Detection of alterations in the submicroscopic chromosome flags potential birth defects, developmental delays and genetic disorders.

"CMA testing is becoming the gold standard in analyzing genomic abnormalities," said Rhona Schreck, PhD, scientific director of the Cytogenetics Laboratory.

Last summer, the California Department of Public Health decided to make CMA testing available next year to women whose ultrasound results showed a potential for fetal abnormalities. Cedars-Sinai's lab has offered CMA testing to private patients since 2010. With the state approval, women participating in the Prenatal Screening Program will now be referred to Cedars-Sinai for testing.

Schreck spearheaded Cedars-Sinai's application process with assistance from Jennelle Hodge, PhD, associate director of the Cytogenetics Laboratory, and Kevin Baden, supervisor of the Cytogenetics Laboratory.

"We're one of the few labs statewide that have this capability," Schreck said. She submitted Cedars-Sinai's application on Feb. 8. Less than a month later, the Cytogenetics Laboratory received approval and certification from the California Department of Public Health.

"Drs. Schreck, Hodge and Lopategui have provided the highest-quality clinical cytogenetics service for many years," said David Engman, MD, PhD, chair of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine. He was referring to Jean Lopategui, MD, medical director of Molecular Pathology and Clinical Cytogenetics. "Being the first lab in California to receive approval to offer this leading-edge testing exemplifies their leadership in this important area."

Cedars-Sinai is also among a small number of medical centers statewide that have both a lab and a prenatal diagnosis center with longstanding approvals from the Department of Public Health. Both have been involved with the state program since its inception.

The department's Prenatal Screening Program was launched in 1986. About 400,000 women participate in the program each year, according to the latest state data.

"Unlike Cedars-Sinai, most prenatal diagnosis centers don't have an internal lab," Schreck said. "The fact that we do enables us to coordinate closely with Prenatal Diagnosis Center physicians as well as area obstetricians, and this is beneficial to patients."