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CME Newsletter - June 2016 (PDF)


Do you know of a significant event in the life of a medical staff member? Please let us know, and we'll post these milestones in Medical Staff Pulse. Also, feel free to submit comments on milestones, and we'll post the comments in the next issue. Click here to submit your milestones and comments.

Nominations Sought for Pioneer in Medicine Award

Members of the medical staff are encouraged to nominate a candidate for the 2016 Pioneer in Medicine award. This award is given to a member of the medical staff who has made clinical and research contributions recognized at Cedars-Sinai and in the national or international medical communities.

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New PhDs Urged to Uphold Rigorous Ethics

Mark Pepys

The fourth commencement of the Cedars-Sinai Graduate Program in Biomedical Science and Translational Medicine delivered powerful messages to members of the Class of 2016: Shun shoddy science, cast skeptical eyes on published research and embrace the unexpected. The program trains students to transform laboratory discoveries into therapies that directly benefit patients.

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Get to Know the Class of 2016

Here are profiles of members of the Class of 2016 of the Cedars-Sinai Graduate Program in Biomedical Science and Translational Medicine. The profiles are excerpted from the program for the June 15 commencement ceremony.

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Campaign for Cedars-Sinai to Hold Event in July

Staff and volunteers are invited to attend a special event on Friday, July 8, to kick off the community phase of the Campaign for Cedars-Sinai, the institution’s most ambitious fundraising effort to date with a goal of raising $600 million by June 2018. So far, the campaign has raised $453 million.

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New Codes Issued for Advance Care Planning

The Cedars-Sinai Quality Council has identified improving end-of-life care as a high priority for this year. Areas of focus include improving advance care planning and documentation of patient goals and values for healthcare. The federal Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services have issued two new Current Procedural Terminology codes (99497 and 99498) to reimburse physicians for their time performing advance care planning.

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Cancer Survivors Gather to Reconnect, Celebrate

Demetra Stalling was one of more than 400 cancer survivors, family guests and physicians who came to reconnect, reflect and celebrate at Cedars-Sinai's annual Cancer Survivors Day luncheon in June. Stalling had more to celebrate than most — she beat cancer twice.

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Changes Made to References for Semen Analysis

New references in the Semen Analysis have been made for volume, normal sperm and abnormal sperm. The changes became effective June 28.

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Additional Bicycle Storage Area Opens in Pavilion

A newly constructed bicycle storage area is now open at the Advanced Health Sciences Pavilion. The new location, in room A1512, has 22 bike lockers and a bike rack. The facility is badge-controlled and is only for employees who participate in the Bike to Work program.

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CS-Link Tip: Save Time with Calculator Tab

cs-link logo

When you type "visit diagnosis" in CS-Link, the option for "list" or "calculator" with database matches pops up. You have the option to choose "calculator" or "list." While the "list" may seem short, often it is burdensomely long. Click "calculator" tab and save time.

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