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July 20

Transcranial Doppler for Comprehensive Stroke Care
Aug. 11-13

Pancreatic Cancer Conference
Sept. 10

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Upgrade to HbA1c Testing Begins Aug. 15

To clinicians utilizing HbA1c testing, effective Aug. 15, in the Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, HbA1c will be run on the new Premier Hb9210 HbA1c analyzer, which uses an HPLC system.

The Premier instrument is an upgrade of the current Ultra2 Affinity HbA1c analyzer (HPLC system) with the following advantages:

  • Faster analysis time from two minutes per sample to approximately one minute per sample
  • Upgraded sample barcoding system which eliminates human error and accommodates a continuous loading system allowing new specimens to be added

Correlation to the existing platform demonstrated essentially 1:1 reproducibility of results with no perceivable bias.

Results for Glycated Hgb and Average Glucose (results currently being provided) will not be reported on the new instrument. Results reported will only be for HbA1c.

With questions regarding this change, please contact Delma Ines or Allan Gayacao of the Special Testing Section at 310-423-5571.

Here are the upgrades of the new instrument:

  • Analysis time — from two minutes per sample to approximately one minute per sample
  • Upgraded the software to include Peak Analysis and Result flagging to screen, detect and hold samples that do not meet the acceptable analysis criteria
  • Upgraded from a manual sample barcoding system to an integrated auto-sampler and barcoding to accommodate a continuous loading system
  • Upgraded to having an on-board reagent/column expiration monitoring/tracking system
  • Upgraded to having an on-board reagent level alert system to notify the operator when to replace reagents/column
  • A much more user-friendly operating system that has quick access functions for the operator