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President's Perspective on Efficiency


By Thomas M. Priselac, President and CEO

I’d like to share some thoughts on the broader topic of affordability and efficiency, their place in Cedars-Sinai’s mission, and the opportunities and challenges they present for everyone who works or practices here.

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Emergency Department Starts Patient Survey

The Emergency Department has launched a new online patient satisfaction survey designed to encourage feedback and identify areas for improvement. The 11-question survey replaces a lengthy printed version that had more than 40 questions and a low response rate. The revamp is part of larger efforts to improve the patient experience.

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Sand 'N' Snore Set for Sept. 8

Sand 'N' Snore

Sand 'N' Snore is just around the corner. The dinner, sleepover and breakfast starts Friday, Sept. 8, at the Jonathan Beach Club in Santa Monica. Those who don't want to sleep on the sand are welcome to enjoy dinner and the evening with colleagues and their families.

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Staff Can Win Free Rams Tickets

As the official health partner of the Los Angeles Rams, Cedars-Sinai is offering staff an opportunity to receive free and discounted tickets to the storied NFL franchise's home games this season. More than 400 Rams tickets will be made available to staff through a series of random drawings.

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EIS Cyber Security Upgrades Computer Security

In wake of the recent WannaCry ransom-malware attack, EIS Cyber Security reviewed and upgraded security software at 25 affiliate sites to ensure computer safety throughout Cedars-Sinai. The team checked more than 700 work stations and servers to help ward off future attacks.

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Food Preservatives May Promote Obesity

Can chemicals that are added to breakfast cereals and other everyday products make you obese? Growing evidence from animal experiments suggests the answer may be "yes." But confirming these findings in humans has faced formidable obstacles — until now. A new study published recently in Nature Communications details how Cedars-Sinai investigators developed a novel platform and protocol for testing the effects of chemicals known as endocrine disruptors on humans.

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Research Helps Predict Liver Transplant Outcomes

A routinely used hospital tool can predict which liver transplant recipients are more likely to do poorly after surgery, according to a study led by Cedars-Sinai. The findings could help doctors identify which patients should receive physical therapy or other interventions to improve their recovery.

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Research Interns Put Inspiration on Display

Michelle Guan Poster Day co

"I couldn't have asked for a better way to spend my summer," said Michelle Guan, a UCLA student majoring in psychobiology who just finished an internship at Cedars-Sinai. Guan was among more than 50 interns who presented their research projects to members of the scientific community and an expert panel of judges at the Third Annual Research Internship Poster Day in Harvey Morse Auditorium.

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Are You a Veteran? Let Us Know

Were you in the military, or do you know a co-worker who was? For Veterans Day, The Bridge wants to honor Cedars-Sinai's military veterans. Please email thebridge@cshs.org to let us know when and in which branch you served, and any notable details about your service. Also, please include your current position at Cedars-Sinai.

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CS-Link Tip: Avoiding Clicks and Scrolling

cs-link logo

Extra clicks and endless scrolling are a waste of time and unnecessary when you know how to navigate CS-Link™. Instead of scrolling or hunting for a wild card (***) or a list, use the F2 key instead and it will direct you there.

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