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Harm Report Has a New Look

The Harm Report has a new look.

The Harm Report has received a makeover to simplify communications about preventable harm and to decrease the likelihood of recurring events.

"This redesign is a refresh around preventing harm with a new format that is easy to read at a glance and recognizes individuals who embody the principles of doing everything possible to ensure safe care," said Rekha Murthy, MD, vice president for Medical Affairs and associate chief medical officer. "We hope this new format will create awareness, spark curiosity and energize staff around the topics and provide tools and resources that promote our efforts toward achieving and sustaining a culture of safety."

The report was created six years ago by the Patient Safety Department to promote learning from staff experiences and to encourage employees to reflect on care processes in their work environments.

The newly improved Harm Report's featured enhancements include:

  • A recap of the previous week's preventable harm instead of four weeks of harm incidents
  • A more prominent Safety Star section for readers to click on and to submit nominations easily
  • The new "Takeaway Tip," which will replace the former "Lesson of the Week" and highlight opportunities and helpful reminders
  • More clinical details regarding the selected incidents
  • Links to more information regarding best practices, industry trends and policies and procedures when available

"I believe that the redesign will contribute to organizational learning to spread and sustain best practices that enhance patient safety," said Edward G. Seferian, MD, chief patient safety officer. "I hope that readers will find the report more engaging and interactive and something they look forward to receiving each week."

For more information, please email edward.seferian@cshs.org.