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Patient Safety Survey Runs Through Sept. 17

Executive leadership at Cedars-Sinai is conducting a survey of staff members through Sept. 17 to identify and prioritize opportunities for improving patient safety.

Front-line staff members — including those in Admissions, Case Management, Clinical Operations, Clinical Care Services, faculty physicians and house staff — are strongly encouraged to participate in the nationally recognized Culture of Safety survey.

"Enhancing the culture of safety is fundamental to the mission of Cedars-Sinai to provide the highest quality and safest patient-centered care," said Edward Seferian, MD, chief patient safety officer. "Be a voice of patient safety by taking this survey: It allows us to hear directly from staff to identify best practices and continuously improve safety culture."

The survey will be available online and responses are confidential. The survey will feature questions such as:

  • Do front-line staff members feel comfortable reporting safety concerns?
  • Are there any concerns of retaliation if staff members report safety issues?
  • Do front-line staff members feel they receive enough support from the leadership to make safety changes within their department?

Selected staff members will receive an email with the subject line "Cedars-Sinai Culture of Safety Survey."

Leadership will analyze survey results and drive dissemination of appropriate interventions, where needed, beginning in mid-November. The Culture of Safety Survey is expected to take place every other year in the fall.

More information about the Culture of Safety Survey is available on the intranet.