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President’s Perspective: Serving the Public

By Thomas M. Priselac
President and CEO

As a nonprofit organization, Cedars-Sinai exists solely to serve the public. Literally every person in the community is a stakeholder, and it is our obligation to strengthen their health as best we can.

Without a doubt, the most important way we do this is by providing efficient, affordable, high-quality care to patients. This is clearly stated in our mission: Patient care is our top priority. It is why our organization was established in 1902 and remains every bit as important to the community’s wellbeing in 2018.

While patient care always will always be our top priority, Cedars-Sinai has developed additional ways that we strengthen individuals and the community.

Cedars-Sinai as community partner:

We work closely with hundreds of local organizations, supporting each in different ways to improve community health. In some cases, we provide direct expertise (such as health screenings at senior centers or nutrition education at elementary schools). In other cases, we provide grants to support activities such as training community clinic professionals to strengthen their management skills, helping develop tomorrow’s leaders.

Cedars-Sinai as educator:

Our education programs have a multiplier effect, as our trainees use the skills they have learned at Cedars-Sinai to benefit tens of thousands of patients locally and across the country each year. In addition to our medical residency and fellowship programs, we have robust education programs in nursing, pharmacy and other allied health professions. We now also offer innovative PhD programs, and even help educate young people before they go to college, with programs like Teen Volunteers and our Youth Employment and Development program.

Cedars-Sinai as innovative pioneer:

Groundbreaking research by the people of Cedars-Sinai—resulting in new medicines, medical devices, and diagnostic and treatment methods—has improved lives across the globe. And our health services research improves lives by identifying which medical interventions improve health and which may be unnecessary or even harmful. Our work also improves healthcare by serving as a role model for many other institutions. And innovations coming out of the companies in our accelerator—many of them harnessing the power of information technology—will someday change how healthcare is practiced.

Cedars-Sinai as economic engine:

As one of the largest nongovernment employers in Los Angeles, our organization contributes directly and indirectly to the economic health of the region. In addition to the thousands of people employed by Cedars-Sinai, we contribute to the local economy indirectly through such activities as the supplies and equipment we purchase from local companies. A recent independent analysis found that Cedars-Sinai generated more than $6.7 billion in total economic output in the six-county Southern California region.

All of us should be rightfully proud of the many ways Cedars-Sinai strengthens individuals, the community and the nation through our mission. It is important to remember, however, that the rapidly changing healthcare environment requires meaningful change in our operational and clinical efficiency if we are to preserve that mission. We are not guaranteed the funding to spend whatever we need to accomplish our mission. Part of our responsibility to the public is to ensure that healthcare at Cedars-Sinai is affordable to them. This is a key principle in our current, ongoing work together to improve our efficiency and reduce our costs, while continuing our leadership role in strengthening the health of individuals, the community and the world.