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President's Perspective: Opportunity and Obligation

By Thomas M. Priselac, President and CEO

As 2018 draws to a close, I’d like to take a moment and focus on some of our unique strengths and the obligation that accompanies them. Cedars-Sinai is very fortunate to have incredible support from the community. This comes in many forms: Our volunteers play a vital role helping to make Cedars-Sinai a compassionate destination for care. Our philanthropic donors are crucial to the institution’s future in an era of declining healthcare payments. Our community partner organizations extend our effectiveness in strengthening the health of the most vulnerable in our region. This strong support is the direct result of your dedication to our patients and the community.

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Letter From Chief of Staff: New Clinical Efficiency Tools

By Clement C. Yang, MD, Chief of Staff

Next week, we will be introducing some tools to help us better understand our own utilization and practice better clinical efficiency. We are beginning this effort by providing transparent data regarding costs of supplies used during procedures—more specifically, customized, personal dashboards that focus on implants and other non-implant supplies you use in the operating room.

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Surgery With New Device Successfully Performed

Vascular surgeon Ali Azizzadeh, MD, was the first to use a newly approved, minimally invasive device to perform a series of innovative surgeries on patients with aneurysms of the aorta, the main vessel that delivers blood from the heart to the rest of the body. Azizzadeh, who worked in conjunction with medical device company Medtronic, served as the national principal investigator in clinical tests of the device.

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Departure Lounge Now Available for Qualifying Patients

In order to meet increasingly high census demands, a departure lounge is available through March 31, 2019, for qualifying patients. The lounge, located in Cafeteria Conference Room A, is open daily from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.

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Medical Library Exhibit Bridges 500 Years of History

Through February, employees, patients and guests can view a new Medical Library exhibit bridging 500 years of history by linking King Henry VIII to present-day Cedars-Sinai. The display is based on an article by John Harold, MD, and was published this summer in the journal American College of Cardiology.

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Seminar Spotlights History of Transgender Identity

The Program in the History of Medicine at Cedars-Sinai chronicled transgender and non-binary identities and their intersections with medicine, from the Middle Ages to today, during its latest seminar Monday, Dec. 3. The seminar is one of several in a series presented by the program, which explores the body and its cultural contexts from the early modern period to the present.

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FDA Issues Warnings About Idhifa and Lemtrada

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is warning that signs and symptoms of a life-threatening side effect called differentiation syndrome are not being recognized in patients receiving the acute myeloid leukemia medicine Idhifa (enasidenib). Also, the FDA is warning that rare but serious cases of stroke and tears in the lining of arteries in the head and neck have occurred in patients with multiple sclerosis shortly after they received Lemtrada (alemtuzumab).

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Video Highlights the Patient Experience

"Because We Are All Patients" is a new inspirational and culture-defining video now being shown at every New Employee Orientation. The four-minute video features real employees doing their real jobs, and serves as an important reminder that at Cedars-Sinai, we put our patients first.

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Physician Playlists: Matthew Siedhoff, MD

A great soundtrack can bring everything together. In labs, preparation areas and sometimes even the operating room, music can help a team focus, build camaraderie and set the right mood. The Bridge will highlight a new physician and their favorite playlist every week during the holidays. This week’s subject is Matthew Siedhoff, MD, a surgeon who likes Michael Jackson and Coldplay.

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Circle of Friends Honorees for November


The Circle of Friends program honored 249 people in November. Circle of Friends allows grateful patients to make a donation in honor of the physicians, nurses, caregivers and others who have made a difference during their time at Cedars-Sinai.

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CS-Link Tip: Non-Sensitive Lab Results

In order to provide patients timely access to their lab results, the timeframe for release of non-sensitive lab results will move to the next calendar day. Resulted labs from the prior 24 hours will be released daily at 9 a.m. beginning Monday, Dec. 17. 

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