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Annual Staff Meeting Spotlights Quality and Value


Clement C. Yang, MD, chief of staff, talked about the challenges and opportunities facing the medical center at the annual meeting of the medical staff.

Cedars-Sinai leaders took the stage during the annual meeting of the medical staff on Monday, Oct. 22, to share perspectives on the challenges and opportunities facing the medical center, specifically those relating to providing quality and value in a changing medical landscape.

"As an organization, we have turned challenges into opportunities," said Thomas M. Priselac, president and CEO. "That’s what I think has allowed us to succeed over the years, and that’s at the heart of what we will be able to do going forward."

During his CEO Report, Priselac cited that many areas throughout the medical center—including inpatient flow, cardiac monitoring, NTSV C-section rates, antibiotic treatment and end-of-life care—have seen positive change and have advanced the standard for quality.

Priselac also noted that "knowledge is power," and that digital tools will play an increasingly vital role in helping the institution move forward.

"An important part of the toolset to manage both quality as well as operational and clinical efficiency has to do with technology and the use of clinical decision support," Priselac said, adding that the deployment of digital tools, among other things, has resulted in a 17 percent reduction in blood utilization in the face of increased patient acuity levels.

Clement C. Yang, MD, chief of staff, echoed Priselac's views in his Chief of Staff Report, providing examples of how digital tools, including peer rankings and cost-management solutions, can provide insights into clinical and operational efficiency as well as the opportunity for discussion.

"It’s not the perfect tool that is our goal, because the tools will change and evolve," Yang said. "Rather, it’s a hope for constant inquisitiveness and a push for improvement that asks: 'Is there a better way to do things safely?'"

Yang went on to say that due to a "truly superb" effort, the medical staff has achieved superior levels of quality and outcomes, congratulating all members for their role in Cedars-Sinai's recent US News & World Report hospital rankings success. But he stressed that, despite these wins, the marketplace continues to add pressure to increase value.

"Clinical efficiency is a component that is most under our control," Yang said. "It is very much dependent on what we do as physicians, our decisions and how we manage our patients."

Yang shared that there are currently more than 62 medical staff projects that address both quality and clinical efficiency, including projects on utilization, readmissions and turnaround times.

"Every one of these projects touches, in some way, upon value," he said.

Yang also highlighted the importance of physician wellness, acknowledging burnout as common both at the medical center and around the nation.

"We know that burnout affects different specialties at different rates, and that it impacts our patient care. It also impacts the way that we interact with each other," he said. "We recently launched a wellness task force with a mission to cultivate a culture of wellbeing at Cedars-Sinai where physicians develop resilience, practice efficiency and thrive."

Yang said the task force is set to launch a medical-staff-wide survey to better understand the challenges and identify opportunities to connect physicians with resources for healthy living.

Following Yang's presentation, Marc Edelstein, MD, gave the Secretary's Report, in which he recognized staff members who had been appointed to committee and clinical chief positions for 2019, as well as the continuation of Yang as chief of staff and Ilana Cass, MD, as vice chief of staff.

To conclude the meeting, Yang presented Robert I. Goodman with the Chief of Staff Award for his commitment to the highest standards of patient care. Cass, along with Paul Noble, MD, chair of the Department of Medicine, presented Keith L. Black, MD, with the 2019 Pioneer in Medicine Award for his groundbreaking work in neuroscience and neurosurgery.

Yang concluded the meeting by saying the organization's continued success will require teamwork, and because of that, the future is bright.

"When the medical staff and the medical center work hand-in-hand to safeguard quality and achieve value, we all succeed, and our patients and our community are the winners," he said.