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Meetings and Events

Regenerative Cartilage Update
Nov. 6

A Night Remembering Leonard Nimoy
Nov. 8

Mending Kids 7th Annual Wings Gala
Nov. 17

These events and more can be found in the medical staff calendar on the Cedars-Sinai website.

Grand Rounds

Upcoming CME Conferences


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Prevent Injury With Safe Patient Handling

It’s no secret getting patients out of bed earlier can decrease length of stay and promote patient independence. But did you know that safe patient handling also is required by law, and is effective and available for use to anyone who interfaces with patients?

"Moving patients is everyone’s responsibility," said Danielle Gabele, MSN, RN, CCRN, CENP, associate director of the Safe Patient Handling and Mobility (SPHM) program. "We count on our nursing and clinical staff to be proactive in mobilizing their patients and in requesting equipment and assistance."

The SPHM team has eight full-time mobility specialists available to educate and train on lifting best practices and equipment must-haves. This team of experts also is available to demonstrate equipment usage during difficult moves.

"Our goal is to give our nursing staff, along with everyone who works directly with patients, the skills and confidence necessary to utilize SPHM equipment on all appropriate patients 100 percent of the time," said Gabele. "If we do this, we will have shorter patient length of stay, fewer caregiver injuries, fewer falls and greater patient independence."

The SPHM team has saved more than $14 million over the past four years by preventing workers compensation injuries and lost work days.

Mobility specialists are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and can be requested via CS-Link™ order for SPHM consult, or by group texting the team under the SPHM department on Voalte. In areas with no access to Voalte or CS-Link, call the Nursing office at 310-423-5180 to request SPHM assistance.

For more information about the program, contact Gabele at 310-423-6654 or danielle.gabele@cshs.org.