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Letter From Chief of Staff: Bylaws Vote

Dear Colleagues,

I am pleased to report the results of our recent bylaws vote. We had an amazing 43 percent voter turnout, with 666 of 1,526 eligible members voting. All of the bylaws amendments, which are summarized below, passed by overwhelming majority, including the formation of the two new Departments of Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery and the supporting changes.

Thank you for voting and for helping shape the future of the medical staff at Cedars-Sinai.


Clement C. Yang, MD, FACP
Chief of Staff

The Medical Executive Committee and the voting members of the medical staff have approved the following Medical Staff Bylaw amendments. They will be submitted to the November Board of Directors for their final approval. Thank you to all who voted.

Medical Staff Bylaws—Amendments and Summaries

  • Amendment: Article 3, Section 3.2-1(a)  Article-3-Section-3.2-1a (PDF)  
    Approval of this amendment would make a technical correction to a Bylaws reference regarding clinic responsibilities. The current Bylaws describe clinic responsibilities for Medical Staff Members who are in the Attending and Associate categories. However, there are some Medical Staff Members who are not in either of these categories, but who hold Privileges. This amendment would clarify that these Medical Staff Members with Privileges are also required to participate in Departments’ clinic call schedules under the same terms as other Medical Staff Members with Privileges
  • Amendment: Article 5, Section 5.3-2(d)  Article-5-Section-5.3-2d (PDF)  
    Approval of this amendment would formalize the Credentials Committee’s role in the reappointment process. In the past, the Credentials Committee has not reviewed reappointment applications. However, for Joint Commission compliance purposes, the Credentials Committee has been reviewing these applications for the past nine months as a test of change. This amendment would make the Credentials Committee review a permanent part of the reappointment process.
  • Amendment: Article 7, Section 7.4(a) and (b)  Article-7-Section-7.4a-and-b (PDF)  
    Approval of these amendments would change the composition of the Medical Executive Committee by adding approximately five additional elected seats. The Bylaws use a proportional approach for allocating Department representatives based on the size of each Department. This amendment would lower the threshold for allocating additional elected Department representatives, and would provide approximately four mid-sized Departments with an additional seat each. In addition, this amendment would increase the number of Members-at-Large from eight to nine to allow for more Medical Executive Committee representation from different Departments, regardless of size. These changes would ensure that the Medical Executive Committee maintains a ratio of at least two elected members for each appointed member in the context of the addition of new Departments, which entails the addition of the new Department Chairs as appointed members.
  • Amendment: Article 7, Section 7.4(c) and Article 9, Section 9.1-1  Article-7-Section-7.4c-and-Article-9-Section-9.1-1 (PDF)  
    Approval of these amendments would add a new Department of Cardiology and a new Department of Cardiac Surgery to the Medical Staff’s structure. The creation of these new Departments is intended to enhance clinical quality, safety and efficiency. This change will highlight the world-class reputation of the Medical Center’s clinical and academic accomplishments in cardiac care.
  • Amendment: Article 9, Section 9.1-4 (e)  Article-9-Section-9.1-4-d (PDF)  
    Approval of this amendment would make a slight modification to the criteria that the Medical Executive Committee uses to evaluate the addition of a new Department. As more academic medical centers create new Departments around sub-specialties, it has become appropriate to recognize that one of the factors considered in creating a new Department should be existence of an ACGME-approved fellowship, and not just existence of an ACGME-approved residency. This amendment would give recognition to the role of ACGME-approved fellowships in the evaluation process for new Departments
  • Amendment: Article 9, Section 9.5(d)  Article-9-Section-9.1-4ex (PDF)  
    Approval of this amendment would add a technical clarification to the list of duties of Department Chairs. The amendment would clarify that in addition to recommending the Privileges for care provided in the Department, the Department Chair also recommends the criteria for the Privileges. This is a technical addition to ensure Joint Commission compliance.