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Physician Playlists: Ray Chu, MD

Ray Chu, MD

A great soundtrack can bring everything together.

It’s true in the movies, and sometimes in the medical center, too. In labs, preparation areas and sometimes even the operating room, music can help a team focus, build camaraderie and set the right mood.

Some physicians shared their favorite tracks that get them ready to work, along with their thoughts on what these songs bring to the table.

"Music keeps us moving," Ray Chu, MD, a neurosurgeon said. "In a silent room, the mind can start to wander."

Recently, he worked with a resident who wasn’t from the United States. He had two missions: "Part of my job was to teach him neurosurgery," said Chu. "And part of my job was to teach him old-school rap."

  • Beautiful—Snoop Dogg featuring Pharrell Williams; "Because the brain and brain surgery are beautiful."
  • Lay Low—Snoop Dogg; "For brain surgery, you can’t go charging around. You have to creep around without being noticed and without the brain and its vasculature being disturbed."
  • Me Myself and I—De La Soul
  • California Love—2Pac featuring Dr. Dre; "After all, it has a doctor."
  • Get Ur Freak On—Missy Elliot
  • It Was a Good Day—Ice Cube
  • Hypnotize—Notorious B.I.G.
  • Lose Yourself—Eminem
  • Rapper’s Delight—The Sugarhill Gang