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CS-Link Tip: CURES Mandate Begins Oct. 2

The California Department of Justice mandate to consult CURES (Controlled Substance Utilization Review and Evaluation) prior to prescribing, ordering, administering or furnishing a Schedule II, II or IV controlled substance becomes effective on Tuesday, Oct. 2.

The law states that CURES must be consulted the first time a patient is prescribed, ordered or administered a Schedule II, III or IV controlled substance. CURES must be consulted every four months thereafter if the medication remains part of the patient’s treatment plan.

It is recommended that you document any reason that you do not consult CURES. You do not have to consult CURES if:

  • The patient is admitted.
  • The patient is seen in the Emergency Department and the substance does not exceed a seven-day supply.
  • The substance is part of a surgical treatment plan and does not exceed a five-day supply.
  • The patient is receiving hospice care.
  • CURES cannot be accessed in a timely manner and the prescription does not exceed a five-day supply.
  • CURES cannot be accessed because of technology limitations.
  • Trying to access CURES would result in an inability for the patient to receive the prescription in a timely manner and does not exceed a five-day supply.

CS-Link™ is implementing tools to assist with this California Department of Justice mandate. Before the Oct. 2 deadline, you will find a CURES Review section in encounters including office visits, orders only, telephone calls, refills, patient email, as well as in the ED and Inpatient settings, including the navigators for discharge, surgical post-op discharge, manage orders and discharge order reconciliation. You will also find the CURES under the MORE activity.

The CURES review activity will contain a hyperlink that will take you to the CURES website. To use the CURES website, you must have registered, and you must remember your login and password. This is a state of California website (not CS-Link). Here you will review the patient’s dispense history and close the window. CS-Link will recognize that you have consulted CURES after clicking a "Mark as Reviewed" button.

The SmartPhrase dotCURES (.CURES) will remain in place in order to assist in documenting an exemption for not checking CURES.

There will also be a Best-Practice Advisory, a pop-up, to remind you if you haven’t consulted CURES in the last four months when ordering a scheduled medication. If you have clicked "Mark as Reviewed," this alert will not appear.

If you need assistance with your CURES User ID, password or questions related to the CURES database, reach out to the California Department of Justice at 916-210-3187 or cures@doj.ca.gov.