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P & T Approvals, FDA Warning About Hepatitis Drugs, Statement About Plavix

Pharmacy Focus

See highlights of the October meeting of the Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee. Also, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has released a warning regarding the risk of serious liver injury with use of hepatitis treatments Viekira Pak and Technivie, and the agency says long-term use of Plavix does not change the risk of death for patients with heart disease.

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Two Minutes With …

This new question-and-answer feature will help you get to know some of the physicians in the Cedars-Sinai Department of Surgery.

Shouhed Daniel 140pxDaniel Shouhed, MD, faculty member

Where did you grow up?

I grew up in the "mean streets" of Beverly Hills, as Dr. Gewertz once stated. In fact, I was born at Cedars-Sinai in 1981. I attended Beverly Hills High School and after graduating in 1999, I attended UCLA, where I received a BS in physiology. Aside from spending six months in Spain and two months in Paris during college, I spent the rest of my life in Los Angeles up until the age of 22.

Would you share something that many people at the hospital wouldn't know about you?

I was a volunteer at Cedars-Sinai many years ago. I started in high school and continued into college. I remember spending at least one of those years volunteering on 8 South, where I now send most of my patients. I did not think that 20 years later I would be one of those physicians I used to shadow and look up to. The care the nurses and physicians delivered was so impressive; so much that it actually played a big role in my desire to pursue medicine and ultimately surgery. I've always felt a sense of community at Cedars-Sinai, and I have continued to experience it as a resident surgeon and faculty attending.

Is there something or someplace you have never seen that you would like to see in the near future?

There are many places I hope to visit in the near future. One of my passions in life is to travel and experience different cultures. Each country I have visited has offered something unique and special, whether it be one of the world's wonders, an authentic type of cuisine or a different perspective on life by a local citizen. I was lucky enough to spend the last year in New York City completing my fellowship training in metabolic, endocrine and minimally invasive surgery, and each time I would get on the subway, I would be surrounded by at least 10 people representing different countries and cultures. It really was an amazing experience. I am eager to visit Southeast Asia the next time I have an extended period of time off.

Outside the operating room, where do you find inspiration?

Outside of the O.R., I find inspiration in playing classical music. Playing the piano was a big part of my life growing up. It has been hard to find as much time to pursue this since graduating high school and leaving my parent's house, where there was a piano just sitting in the living room. I look forward to having a piano in my own living room one day and creating more time to once again purse one of my most inspiring passions.

Spurrier Ryan 140pxRyan G. Spurrier, MD, surgical resident

Why did you decide to specialize in surgery?

A summer job during college working as an emergency room technician redirected my studies from biomedical engineering to medicine. Once in medical school, the only specialty that sated my desire to do, build, fix and heal was surgery.

What is the most rewarding aspect about your job?

Identifying a problem and being able to fix it.

What is the funniest thing a patient has ever said to you?

That she would make an excellent mother-in-law.

Srour Marissa 140pxMarissa Srour, MD, surgical resident

What brought you to Cedars-Sinai?

The strong academic, research, and surgical field brought me to Cedars-Sinai.

Where did you grow up?

I was born and raised in Los Angeles.

If you were not a physician, what other career would you choose?

I love to bake desserts, and I would open a bakery.

What did your parents always tell you that you now have to admit was correct?

Always bring a sweater when you go out.

If you could spend the day doing one thing, what would it be?

Spending time with my family and friends — the venue doesn't matter.