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Getting a Facelift

8SE and 6SW Undergo Remodeling

With its new low-rise nurse stations, 8SE has become an even more inviting environment for physicians, patients and their families.

"The nurse stations are designed to be more friendly and welcoming in appearance, and the open space allows for more interaction with the staff," said Peachy Hain, RN, 8SE unit manager. "It's the kind of environment we wanted to project, and the nurses and physicians love it. Previously, the stations were more like a barrier, and we wanted to get away from that look and feel."

The remodeled stations will serve as the prototype for future nurse stations throughout Cedars-Sinai, including 6SW, where the remodeling effort is nearly complete. They feature a synthetic wood finish and a pass-through area to create more open space.

"We wanted to make the new nurse stations very open so that staff would not feel boxed in, yet the design and layout provide the privacy necessary to protect confidential patient information," said Raymond Cheng, AIA, Capital Construction Program Manager in acilities Development and one of the project architects. "We created the 8SE station as a mock-up and then made custom upgrades to meet the unit's specific needs, with input from the nursing staff."

Patient rooms and public areas such as hallways on 8SE and 6SW have also been remodeled. New ceilings, overhead lighting and nurse call lights have all been installed.

8SE deluxe rooms have been remodeled to include synthetic wood panel headwalls (pictured at right) behind beds to keep pumps and lines out of sight when not in use.

The flooring, furnishings and window coverings have also been updated. In the bathrooms, custom mirrors and new tile flooring have been installed.