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Cedars-Sinai Medical Group Converts to an EMR System

System allows physicians to easily update records

Cedars-Sinai Medical Group has begun to convert its patients' paper medical records to an electronic medical record (EMR) system, GE's Centricity, that allows physicians to quickly find and update patient information and more easily share information with other medical professionals involved with patient care and administrative activity.

Currently, 16 physicians in the specialties of internal medicine, general surgery, otolaryngology and infectious disease are using the EMR to replace the paper charts historically used in their exam rooms.

The rollout to the group's 80-physician multispecialty practice will continue through the third quarter of 2007, according to Thomas D. Gordon, CEO of Cedars-Sinai Medical Network.

"The new system is helping our physicians and staff to gain fast, appropriate access to complete, accurate and timely information about their patients' health and medical history information," said Gordon.

Benefits of the EMR system include:

  • Immediate physician access to patient documentation;
  • Improved communication among healthcare providers;
  • Improved medical documentation and patient safety;
  • Tools to ensure confidentiality of patient information.

For more information, contact Cynthia Litt at (310)385-3248.