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Changes in Appearance of Web/VS Medication List

On August 14, a change in the Pharmacy computer system was completed, merging the medication and intravenous admixtures ordering systems. As a consequence of this change, the way some medications appear on the Web/VS medication lists has changed.

Certain medications that require special handling and preparation, such as antibiotics and other admixtures, will appear at the top of the medication list under the heading "IV Solutions." Medications that are included in this section of the medication list currently do not display the dose. In order to view the dose of medications that appears on this section, you will need to click on the "click for more order details" in the dose section.

If the medication is not listed in this section, it should appear in the "scheduled" medications section below with full dosing information viewable.

For additional questions or concerns, please contact Pharmacy Program Coordinator Felix K. Yam, Pharm.D., at (310) 423-5439 or via pager at 1748. You can also send him an e-mail at: Felix.Yam@cshs.org.