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Multi-Drug-Resistant Organisms Update
The combined efforts of Cedars-Sinai medical staff, volunteers and employees to avoid the spread of multi-drug-resistant bacteria appear to be working. As you know, hospitals around the country are all trying to deal with this challenge on a daily basis.

The most recent surveys conducted over the past two weeks by Cedars-Sinai's Department of Hospital Epidemiology showed a decreased number of new cases, as well as improved staff awareness and compliance, thanks in large part to the infection control measures being taken.

With the continued presence of antibiotic-resistant organisms in Los Angeles and other communities, it is likely that medical center staff will continue to identify these organisms in certain high-risk patients at the time of admission.

The need for all staff to keep up the good work cannot be over-emphasized, and medical staff are urged to continue taking the necessary precautions to avoid unintentionally spreading antibiotic-resistant organisms from infected to non-infected patients.

If you have further questions, please contact the Department of Hospital Epidemiology for more information at (310) 423-5574.