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2006 CAPE Award

The following announcement was made by Tom Priselac, president and CEO

Cedars-Sinai is one of 22 California organizations being recognized for performance excellence by the California Awards for Performance Excellence (CAPE). Cedars-Sinai was named a Silver-level award recipient.

The CAPE awards recognize organizations that demonstrate continuous improvement and superior performance in seven key business areas, including leadership, strategic planning, customer and market focus, measurement/knowledge management, human resources, process management and business results. Organizations from a wide variety of business sectors, both private and public, can apply for the CAPE award.

Our participation in the CAPE process is significant in several ways: First, the rigor required in the application and site-visit process provided an excellent opportunity for institutional self-examination to review and refine many of our systems; Second, the CAPE surveyors have provided us with a detailed summary of their findings and are analyzing the information to identify a few areas where we can prioritize our improvement efforts; Third, although we did not receive the Gold-level award, only 22 organizations in the state receive any kind of CAPE award, so the Silver-level award places us in the top echelon statewide.

More important than whether or not we get an award, our participation in CAPE, as well as similar programs, enables us to get an independent assessment of our performance, and identify specific ways to continually improve.