Update on Direct Admits

What You Should Know About Direct Admits

Each day, Cedars-Sinai receives about 200 requests for a hospital bed for an admission. An average of six to 10 of those requests are for direct admits to a medical or monitored bed. The requests break down as follows: 90 to 100 surgical patients, 20 OB patients, 40 to 60 ED patients, 12 to 15 Transfer Center patients and six to 10 direct admit patients.

Juggling all of these patient requests on a daily basis is the work of the Patient Placement (Bed Res) Department. By calling Bed Reservations at (310) 423-3761, physicians and their office staff can request a direct admit bed for their medical and monitored patients.

"Since opening the 3SCCT Universal Unit in the Saperstein Critical Care Tower, we've made substantial progress in meeting these bed requests," says Therese Carrabine, R.N., Patient Placement Director. "As a result, the number of medical and monitored bed requests that are filled daily has increased from 60 percent to 86 percent in the last year."

More Facts About Direct Admits:

  • Medical and monitored nursing units consistently run at 95 to 100 percent capacity at Cedars-Sinai. To accommodate everyone, adult patients may be admitted to the 4th floor unit, which has identified eight of 31 available pediatric beds that can be utilized for adult medical/surgical patients.
  • In some instances, patients may be asked to go through the Emergency Department for a bed. This includes instances of patients who are clinically unstable, and the requested bed type will not be available for many hours. Rather than send the patient home, or have them wait in the office, the physician may elect to send the patient to the ED for treatment and then subsequent admission.
    • These circumstances also include patients who require immediate care for pneumonia and/or acute coronary syndrome, to assure positive outcomes and meet the core measures set in the JCAHO national patient safety standards. These best practice outcomes require patients with pneumonia to receive antibiotics within four hours of arrival, and cardiac patients who meet the criteria to be treated in the cath lab within 90 minutes of arrival.
  • Once a direct admit request/call has been placed, every effort is made by Bed Reservations staff to fill that request within two hours of the original call (pending bed availability).
  • Physicians can assist the medical center with direct admit efforts by writing discharge orders as early as possible on the day of discharge AND by encouraging patients to have transportation available to enable them to leave their room by noon.

For more information, please call Therese Carrabine at (310) 423-6966.