RFO Online Certification

Cedars-Sinai has identified the elimination of Retained Foreign Objects in the operating room or procedural area as a high priority.

All medical staff members who have been granted clinical privileges in the Departments of Surgery, Obstetrics & Gynecology and Neurosurgery must complete online competency training for the elimination of Retained Foreign Objects
prior to Friday, June 15, 2007.

Per MEC policy, failure to be certified or re-certified by the June 15 deadline will result in automatic temporary suspension (loss) of privileges to perform surgery (or schedule surgery) until certification is completed. Currently, more than 300 eligible physicians have not yet completed their certification.

To complete the training program, you can access the program online. Once connected, you will be shown information relevant to the prevention of these events, followed by a short self-test.

At the end of the test, please enter your name and Physician ID number and you will be certified. The entire process of visiting the website, taking the test and filling out the certification form should take less than 10 minutes.