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MEC Update -- DVT/VTE Prophylaxis

Cedars-Sinai Reaches Goal for DVT/VTE Prophylaxis

Symptomatic Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) affects approximately 250,000 hospitalized U.S. patients each year.

To prevent DVT and venous thromboembolism (VTE), Cedars-Sinai's Quality Council formed an action team in fall 2006 to initiate standard DVT/VTE prophylaxis for surgical patients (inpatient only). Since then, Cedars-Sinai has reached its original goal of compliance for DVT prophylaxis administration to surgical patients, according to the Quality Council DVT/VTE Team, headed by Richard Riggs, M.D., chair of the Department of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation.

"In January 2008, we brought compliance for DVT prophylaxis administration to 98.8 percent, which exceeds the Joint Commission standard of 97 percent," said Dr. Riggs. "We've standardized the process by giving physicians a VTE general surgical/medical template that allows them to write the orders quickly and easily."

The VTE template allows physicians to simply check a box to order the surgical patient's chemical prophylaxis or, where indicated, assess VTE risk level (low, moderate or high) to determine appropriate treatment. For more information on the initiatives undertaken by the DVT/VTE action team, please contact Dr. Riggs at Richard.Riggs@cshs.org.